Sleep and Diabetes

Maybe this subject has been covered in past discussions, if so please don’t hesitate to refer me to them. If not, what do people know about how sleep affects diabetes? I’m type 1, I’ve read in the news that lack of it can influence the appearance of type 2. Any opinions/facts?

There is a clear correlation between sleep apnea and diabetes ( And actually if you think about it, it is a classic positive feedback, sleep apnea causes worse diabetes, diabetes causes weight gain which makes the sleep apnea worse. It can also be a problem for T1, but for T2, particularly if you are overweight and are displaying overt symptoms of apnea, it can really help to get properly diagnosed (at a sleep lab) and get treatment.

I am type 1, andwas recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. I now use a BiPap machine. Recent tests show that I do not expell all the gasses in my lungs after I breath in. While using my machine, I can honestly say I have seen no change in my glucose readings, nor blood pressure, as they saw one should. Maybe I need to be on the therapy longer.

I guess it’s a similar question to stress & diabetes? Too much stress, too little sleep = both (together or independently) no good for your body…