Considering a pump - Animas vs. Minimed

I am fairly new to this site so I hope this is the right place/forum to post such a question. :slight_smile:

I’m in the process of trying to obtain an insulin pump through my insurance. I’ve found out that they will cover (most of it) and will accept both Minimed and Animas. Originally I had been interested in the Animas 2020 model, but now that I know that I could also go with Minimed I am now considering their models.

So, my question is, what are your experiences with either companies’ equipment?

Hi Lauren,
Have you seen this chart that compares all the pumps?

My only experience has been with Animas for the past 2 1/2 years on the model # IR1250. The customer service has been above and beyond what I could have hoped for. Every time I’ve called them they have answered my questions and resolved any issues 24/7. Once I had a question about how to do something on my pump and it was 11:00PM, within 10 minutes an Animas diabetes educator called me back and walked me through the procedure.

I have no complaints about their products either. I started out with the Inset 90 infusion sets but recently tried the new Inset 30 infusion sets and I LOVE them.

I think both Animas and Minimed are good pumps and either one will do the job. I have read some negative things about Minimed’s customer service over the last few years on different blogs. Compare features on each pump and research the customer service issues and then you can make the decision that’s right for you.

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I agree with Shirley, I have had nothing but good experiences with Animas and am also on the IR1250 model.

The customer service is fantastic. I’ve been kind of rough and tumble with my pumps and have broken 2 of them - One a cracked screen, and the other the battery case cracked and water got inside - both times I was overnighted a new pump and the reps were always friendly even when I called at 3am once.

I would absolutely LOVE to upgrade to the Animas 2020, but will have to wait until the warrenty on my current one expires this winter.

Everyone is fairly bias about their pumps, so be prepared to hear a lot of one-sided stories, like mine. :smiley: In the end it’s your decision on which one has the most functionality or looks for you.

Hi Lauren,
Good job on deciding to use a pump. I agree with Shirley and Bethany about Animas. I have been using the Animas 2020 since July 2007. Previous to that, I was using a MiniMed 511. I switched to Animas because of the software upgrades, but I know that MiniMed’s units also have some of the same features. I will agree about MiniMed’s customer service falling behind, but you should go with whichever one has the best features for your needs.
One factor about using a pump that I feel should be emphasized is the amount of training you get. Being a Type 1 is challenging enough and the pumps allow more fine tuning but I recommend using pump educators, nurses, and manufacturer reps as much as possible.

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Love my 1250 with 30 degree infusion sets.

Thank you for the advice! :slight_smile: I’m thinking that Animas is the way to go.

I was expecting one sided stories. :slight_smile: But through these I can see the pros/cons of each meter. So far all of the reviews I have gotten have been pro-Animas which leads me to believe that while the products are pretty similiar by way of features (though, Animas doesn’t seem to be pushing the CGS which is a perk for me because I’m not interested in it) , Animas offers excellent product support. Which is kind of important for a first time pump user like myself. :slight_smile: Haha. I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions for them.

I think as a first time pump user, customer service/support is going to be key for me. While I have been on a Lantus/Novolog insulin routine for a few years now (take Lantus as my base and Novolog to off set food blah blah blah) I know I am going to have a lot of trouble getting used to having a machine do this for me. :slight_smile:

I have used a Minimed 512, and now have an Animas 2020. My experience with MiniMed was not good. I was given the 512 by a co-worker, in it’s box, unopened. Her son had struggled with Type 1 for 25 years, and was going to go on the pump to try to get it under control. Before that happened he lapsed into renal failure and died, never having used the pump. When I tried to contact MiniMed to start getting supplies for it, they told me I had to pay them $500, and get a letter from my co-worker verifying that she had donated the pump to me before they would sell me supplies! A little money hungry I think. They finally agree to sell me supplies because the son had never registered as the owner, making it complicated to transfer ownership to me. After about 5 months the pump developed software problems, it would lose all of it’s settings (date, time, insulin sensitivity settings, basal rates, I mean all of them.)when I changed the battery (which you have to do about every 3 weeks). When I called MiniMed to try to find out what was going on they told me that it was a software glitch, that the only thing I could do is pay them $500 for a refurbished 512, and a 6 month warranty. ($500 seems to be the magic number.) Needless to say I decided to get a new pump from someone else, so I got the Animas 2020. They have been great to work with, and I like that this pump is water proof, (the 512 is not) and has a food dictionary programmed into it. (In most other respects it has a lot of the same functions as the 512. To be fair, the 512 has a meter that automatically sends your BG readings to the pump, which is nice, and has FDA approval for a BG sensor.)
Sorry, I kind of got on a rag, but it was very a frustrating experience for a first time pump user!

$ 500 is alot when you have to pay it, but when the unit retails for $6500+ . Probably the unit does not actually cost that much( They warranty it for 4 years). Alot of the cost is the support they offer. You did not mention whether Animas is providing totally free support. And what happens when that breaks? It is kind of like you are comparing apples and oranges. Also you can buy compatible supplies elsewhere.

We have always had Minimed, 5 years. No problem with customer support, or quick replacements. It is good to read blogs about the features like insulin on board, and figure out what you like. Go to their sites. Most people don’ t have the opportunity to try both for a while to get familiar with it. One blog I would suggest is lifeafterdx and look for the comments of the 2 kinds of pumps he has used.