Considering a Pump Remote

I am currently using the MM Paradigm 722 pump. I have been considering getting the remote that goes with it for awhile now. I realize some people have no use for them. However, I would like to have one for the times when I am out to be more discreet when I want to be. Does anyone here use a remote for their pump and if so how do you like it? Have you had any issues with it?

Thanks for any input!!

Do you not have your One Touch Meter/controller?

the one touch can not be used as a remote Jessica, that is Animas not Medtronic :slight_smile:

I wish it could though! :slight_smile:

I have the remote thanks to someone on this site that sent it to me. I used it when I was pregnant. It is very helpful in some particular situations.

I posted this same question a while back. I ended up getting a remote, but haven’t used it yet. I’m going to play with it a bit and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Sorry, I missed your post Di. I will be interested in hearing how you like it. I’m not looking to use it all the time. I just want the option to do so mostly when I go out. There have been times I think I would have preferred I had a remote to bolus in public recently. So I was interested in hearing how people like it that do so before I decide to spend the money to get one.

Nothing. I do it all the time but I just would like the option to use a remote when it isn’t as easy to get to my pump in certain situations and wanted to see how people liked it that used them.

I was getting ready to ask the same thing. I pull my pump out, heck at disney I put my pump on the strap of my tank top. Is there any particular reason you don’t want to do it in public?

Ahh I just read your response. The pump is handy if you hide the pump in your bra, or you use the thigh holder from medtronic and are wearing a dress…

That way you don’t look like you’re giving anyone a “show” in public :slight_smile:

When I got my first Medtronic insulin pump, my health insurance company paid for the remote - when I upgraded to the newest model, I kept my remote which still works for newer pump. I use my Minimed pump remote when I wear low cut tops or low cut dresses (as I will sometimes put my pump in my bra bet yet underneath my boob… uhm… yeah, one headlight shines higher than the other but then I have to adjust the other headlight to aim higher if it is a cold day, LOL!). I also turn off my alarm clock and meter option on the insulin pump when I use the remote. The remote comes in handy quite a bit for me. In my family picture (which I think is in my profile page) I had the insulin pump hidden under one boob but yet under bra and I used my remote for supper after we got our picture taken that day. It really is worth getting if you are a woman and like to wear strapless dresses or dresses that don’t have much material to cover a pump that is clipped on the strap of a bra.

The only issue I had was when I would forget to turn off the meter or alarm clock options (as I would have to go to the bathroom to Escape out of the alarm clock mode or wait a few minutes after my blood sugar level beamed to the pump to be able to do a bolus for a meal).

I do clip pump on bra strap but there are times that I like to hide the pump a little more by hiding underneath boob and the remote comes in handy when I don’t want to dig pump out from underneath boob (even though I’m sure Hubby would enjoy the show and have a good chuckle).