Minimed Remote

anyone have the remote for the Minimed pump? If so, do you use it? I was thinking of getting one for “special occasions”, like when I’m wearing a dress and it’s tucked in my bra (don’t wanna reach in there during a wedding or something!).

Just curious.

I have one and I use it frequently. Even when my pump is accessible, it’s a way of giving insulin without looking at the pump. I do this if I am eating out and in a conversation… or running errands and have my hands full. It’s my key chain.

I have it set so that pushing the ‘B’ button once gives me the right amount of insulin for 10g of carbs. This makes it easy to bolus even without using the bolus wizard.

The remote has three buttons. One ACT button, One to suspend the pump if you want it to stop delivering insulin (I’ve never used that button). One Bolus button, which you program to mean a certain amount of insulin.

Here’s how I use it:
(1) Hold the ACT button for three seconds to tell the remote to communicate with the pump. It vibrates (or beeps if your pump is set to beep) to tell me that the connection has been established.
(2) If I’m eating 30g of carbs and want to bolus for that, then I press the ‘B’ button 3 times. Then press ACT (on the remote).
(3) The pump vibrates three times (to confirm that I pressed 3 times).
(4) I press ACT again and the bolus is delivered.

I don’t use it to correct, but it works well for meal boluses. I probably use it about once a week and can keep eye contant in a conversation while delivering my bolus. Yeah, multi-tasking! (You do need to pay attention to the number of times that you press the button, of course!!)

is that remote covered by insurance? I would love it for business meetings when I actually have to leave to go to them.

Thanks for all the info Kristen!!
Sounds like it’s worth it for occasional use.

I do not think it’s covered by insurance as it is not a medical necessity. (They don’t even cover stuff that IS a necessity sometimes, so I doubt they’d cover the remote!) Guess it doesn’t hurt to ask them, though!

I have one for the 522 pump and if anyone needs that I will be delighted to send it them.

Rick Phillips

it’s the same for the 722 right?

I’d pay for it!

Cynthia: I do not know, and no charge needed. I can send it over to you?


hi dave,this is odessa,i have the minimed remote and most of the time do not used it,i think it is a waste of money,i do still keep it on my key ring,not in my purse.when i wear a dress i put my pump in this little pouch in my bra,this is the only time i need to use it for a bolus.this is what i think, is don’t buy one,but to each his own opinion.thanks

hi kristin,this is odessa,good job,explaining the use of the minimed remote.thanks

hello rick,that is sweet of you,god bless you for blessing someone else.

I was sent one by a fellow pumper years ago and I used it once in Vegas and it was a disaster. I could not hear the beeps, it was so loud where I was at, and I did not get my bolus for my dinner, never tried it again. I do that a lot with diabetic stuff, tried the square wave bolus once and it was a mess never did it again.

So my free remote sits in my drawer.