Quick question about pumps

I was wondering if the animas ping is the only pump that has tubing but also has a remote? I know the omnipod has a remote but I’m not looking for tubeless. Cheers!

The Accu-chek Combo also has the ability to use the meter as a remote. but you can also do everything on the pump itself, which is handy if you happen to forget the meter, which I usually do (I keep a second meter in my purse). let me know if you'd like to know more about it.

the Medtronic has a remote too

It does?? A remote that you can use to do everything the pump does? Which you use as a meter and then it plugs in your BG and computes your dose and boluses? I've never heard that it does.

The Medtronic/Minimed pump does have a remote, but very basic- no screen, no 'bolus wizard'/calculator or BG meter.

It is about the size of the remote for car key locks.

You can only do bolus, in a specific increment/interval that you set. So for example, if you set interval to 1.0, you have to hit the remote button 5 times to get 5.0 units, or 10 times if interval is .5.

There is a confirmation beep or vibrate on the pump to acknowledge how much, and when the delivery is complete.

Thanks guys. I love the remote on the ping because as a woman, I often have my pump tucked in inaccessible-ish places, but the ping seems so bulky sometimes. I really like the look of the t:slim, but I really don’t think I could give up the remote option.

Ah, that is very different; I thought the Ping was the only one with a remote that does everything the pump itself does.

I'm with you, bojibridge. I'm due for a new pump now and I thought about the t-slim as well for it's slimmer profile, but love my remote!

The new 640G, coming out soon everywhere but the US, has a better remote.(like the ping)

I think the 640G will have limited functions compared to the Ping/Combo/Omnipod remotes. It will be able to bolus but won't have a bolus wizard, at least not at initial release.

The Medtronic 640g will have the ability to bolus via the Contour Nextlink meter. I haven't seen how it actually works, hopefully its better than the keychain remote they currently have available.
The 640g will likely be available in the US in early 2016.

I've always had a Minimed, and there is a remote available for the Easy Bolus where each click gives you a half-unit. But honestly, my pump is right in my pocket or on my belt with all the feature I need, so I've never needed the remote. If you always hide your pump in your bra or inside a dress, I guess that could be handy, but I always just reach in there and grab it!

For me, angivan, the pleasure of the remote isn't just being able to stash the pump out of view. My pump is most commonly hooked to my waist. But to me it just makes sense to use one device. I pick up my meter, test and bolus all in one action. It would seem redundant to me to have to then put down my meter and pick up my pump for the actual bolus. I'm also confused about the capacities of other devices people have - I think some send the blood glucose to the pump which would certainly be easier than having to re-enter it. But it would still involve two devices. Bottom line, I think it is what you're used to and what features matter to the individual.

Speaking of which my new Ping is due on Tuesday and I gave to admit it would be more exciting if it were something new! I did change from blue to black..lol. I looked at the pink and the green and decided I'd love it for awhile, but get heartily sick of either color long before 5 years passed! It took forever for my doctor's office to get the paperwork in and in that time I went back and forth many times. I'm such a girl sometimes..lol