Considering making the change to G6

I’ve been using the Medtronic 630 w/ the Guardian CGM as well as their older versions since their first cgm was introduced. For me, it has been great for controlling my A1c and daily my daily numbers. I am considering changing the cgm to the Dexcom g6. For me the Medtronic system has been accurate however, it occasionally does lose connection with the pump. I am interested in not having to carry a meter w/ me and having to keep one at work, one at home, one in the car, etc. I am also frustrated with having to make 16 button presses to calibrate. If you add bolusing to that it is over 20. I am keeping the Medtronic 630 pump since it is still in warranty.
My question is, using a Galaxy s9 can I get the Clarity reports? Also, can I get the reports on my computer? Is the G6 waterproof?

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G6 Transmitter/sensor is waterproof. Receiver is not. But sounds like you would not be using the receiver anyhow. We do not use the receiver.

If you want to run the official Dexcom Mobile App then you need to check the Dexcom link as it gets updated often. There certainly are choices other than the Dexcom Mobile App although this is what we use but on the Apple iPhone.

I’m using it with a Galaxy S9+ without issue - it will work fine, S10 I think may be another issue however.

Do you use the suspend on low feature of 630? You would lose that by switching to dexcom.

Although some have reported no need to calibrate G6, many still use meter BG to ensure G6 is within range. More important if you don’t feel lows.

Thanks for the helpful responses. One more question, do I have to carry the receiver or can I use my phone?

You only need your phone with the Dexcom app.

Check dexcom website for phones that are supported.

Non-supported phones can still be used but require different app/process.

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You can use your phone. ( i have an iphone) I carry both- the receiver is on my waste with my pump. With the phone I can now share my bg with a family member with share in the mobile app and with my CDE I can share data with the Dexcom Clarity app. I have G5 and when I switch to G6 I will still calibrate and have meters due to large off numbers.

s9+ is listed as compatible so should have no issue there. Is waterproof. No need to carry nor even use the receiver. If you use the Dexcom app, you should have full access to the Clarity reports and Dexcom follow app. Calibrations are OPTIONAL but if you do finger sticks, it will allow you to put them in and help adjust. I love it!

Its waterproof as long as you keep the transmitter clipped into the plastic sensor base plate that sits in your skin (whats that thing called)?

Substitute “Galaxy S7” for “iphone” and I could have written that.

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