Medtronic pump and Dexcom G6

Is anyone using the Dexcom G6 with Medtronic 770g pump? I’m interested in knowing how cumbersome it is vs. the 770g with Guardian G3, which I am considering switching from. Thank you for any info!

I would assume auto mode is useless and will not see cgm bg on pump so need dexcom app or receiver.

However a combo of dexcom G4 plus Medtronic 523 worked similar for me several years ago.

I now use Tandem X2 with dexcom G6 integrated to drive automatic insulin adjustments.

I use Medtronic 670 pump and Dexcom G6 CGM. Have to display sensor BG on receiver or cell phone, but that’s not a big deal for me. I mostly wear pants with a cell phone pocket that I use for the Dexcom receiver. I can pull out the receiver and activate the display with one hand.

I use Contour Next test strips for calibrations and BG verification. Entry is manual instead of electronic option with Guardian. Same for glucose value in bolus wizard.

The improved and actionable sensor readings are more than worth inconvenience. Caveat - Absence of automated control is not an issue for me. My (tested) basal rates are so low as to be useless for control and the setpoints and corrections in currently available programs are far too timid.

I used to do that for quite a while before my insurance’s 5-year time limit ended so that I could get a new pump. I now use Tandem with Control-IQ and Dexcom G6. The Medtronic-Dexcom combo was not particularly cumbersome in my opinion, just that you can’t use any automation. But the Dexcom is infinitely superior to any Guardian version, so it is very much worth it. I didn’t even buy a separate Dexcom receiver – just used the Dexcom app on my phone as a display.

However, I would be surprised if you don’t eventually move to Tandem and Dexcom, as I did. That transition takes some getting used to and Tandem has some minor downsides compared to Medtronic (primarily in the way it is reloaded, the amount of insulin you waste with the setup it has and a weird tubing connection which is harder to tuck into pockets / clothes), but the hugely reduced mental load I am experiencing with the integrated automation is amazing!