Considering T:slim X2 - Question about lows

I should have clarified. I change infusion sites at 3 day. Cartridges when they are out of insulin. 2 different timings.

I load Apidra insulin (the one most pump companies don’t indicate using in their pump) in a 300 mL cartridge in my MiniMed 722 pump. It takes me 10-12 days to use that insulin. Like @Jim26, I start a new infusion site every three days. In over four years, I have not experienced even one occlusion.

I realize I’m not using the Tandem system, but perhaps Tandem’s warning about this is more out of an abundance of caution rather than real world failures.

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Tandem has a very tricky sensitive pressure sensor I think.
I went 6 months with never having an occlusion. Then I was getting one every few hours, changing sets.
I cleaned the sensor vent on the back of the pump, and while I got one more error after that, I didn’t get anymore since.
I really want to try one of the faster insulin’s, however I am in good control with humalog. Not sure my insurance or my doctor is going to approve that if there is no major issue.
I’m going to research if they are even in the formulary.

However it makes no sense that there would be more occlusions on tandem, the tubing is the same as all the other pumps.
So it has to be that the sensor is more sensitive.

Does anyone know of any free trials for insulin like one bottle type deal that they have tried. ?

I know sometimes pharma reps will give doctors free vials for patients to try, however not sure how that works