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Alright guys, I’m seriously considering making the switch to the new Tandem insulin pump hybrid system! I’m currently on the 670G, those who have used it what are your thoughts? Likes and dislikes?

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Good question. I mothballed my 670G and went back to my old Pardigm for the time being. Very interested to hear what former 670 users now on Tandem IQ have to say, if we can scare up a few.

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I forgot why you said you are using an older pump. Are you looping? My wife and I both like the 670 (without AutoMode of course) much better than our 530’s. I didn’t think I’d like the 670 at all, so I was pleasantly surprised the first few days of wearing it that it is fine. I’d expect most wearers would detest it if using Auto Mode. I’m sure MM’s CGM has lost them many customers as it makes the pump look bad.

I ran my 670 on manual for a few weeks but it’s significantly bulkier and there was a lot more screen scrolling and whatnot. Alert kept tricking me into thinking I’d delivered a bolus when it was just saying I’d arrived at the right screen but still needed to push go. Kinda stuff like that. Still had my old Paradigm, which I’d had replaced less than a year before going to the 670 (original one had button freeze), so I tried going back to it and it stuck. There are some drawbacks. Can’t adjust the delivery rate. Screen’s harder to read in some light. But I like the relative simplicity of it.

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Yes, it’s simpler. The screen for us, is garbage. :slight_smile:

A small size is one of the things I value most in the pump. That is why I really liked the old small medtronic pumps (517). Also one of the things I really like about the Tandem. I also keep my pump in my front pocket at all times so don’t want the bulkier pumps.

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Do you know anyone on here off hand who uses a T-Slim? From what I’ve heard their amazing but I wanted to get y’all’s opinion.

From what the T-Slim rep told me and I would absolutely agree, the Medtronic system in auto mode is predictive. The T-Slim is reactive, which I believe is what should have been done in the first place. I’m extremely frustrated with the recalls, I think the pump was cheaply made in my opinion. I’ve had to return it for cracks and drained battery life several times and I treat it like a baby.

@Elyssia_Reedy – You can access further Tandem Control IQ threads here by using the TuD search function. This will show you who else here is currently using that new algorithm. There are a few members like @Robyn_H who are already on it but many others have just started or are in the process of getting started.

Click on the magnifying glass icon and insert “Tandem Control IQ” as the search term. Good luck with your pump decision.

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Depending on what you mean by ‘predictive’, that may not be true. The X2 reacts (changes basal, delivers microboluses) based on a predicted future BG value calculated by a trend line from existing BG readings. It predicts, then reacts.

I don’t have any experience with Medtronics pumps so can’t help you with a direct comparison.

I am a long time user of Minimed/Medtronic pumps but made the switch to Tandem about 5 years ago. Main reason was I felt Medtronic wasn’t keeping up.
That being said, I got a Tandem X2 with basal IQ just over a year ago. I love it. It has removed low blood sugars almost completely. My urgent lows are 0 and lows are no more than about 4%. It turns off around 80 and turns back on around 93. I no longer test my blood using the Dexcom G6 and it is amazing how feeling it is!
I have been following those that have downloaded the new program, and I am in process right now to make the change. I can’t wait! I can now sleep through the night with no high alarms! The new program will take care of it! Yeah technology!
I will say the loading takes a little longer than my old Medtronic pumps. But it is now my new normal. It takes about 7 minutes. At first it felt very, very long but now it is not a problem. What we get use to!


I’m glad you like the X2 for all of the reasons that you mentioned, Sally.

I’m too impatient to deal with “fiddly” things such as Dungeoness crab when I can have Colossal King Crabs instead, or spend 7 minutes instead of 2-1/2 minutes every 3 days to fill my pump. I prefer replaceable batteries over rechargeables. I’ve got too many items already that I have to keep charged, and that bugs me plenty. I put a Lithium battery in my 670 about once every 4 weeks which I find more preferable to the alternative.
I will look forward to what you have to say about CIQ. Pumps are great!! And CGMs are in some ways even greater, I think, as I get more safety from a CGM than a pump but I don’t want to give up pumping. I tried for 1 year to go back to MDI and that was a mistake.

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I am thankful there are choices out there for each of to pick which will work best for our situation. I hope more keep coming because I love choice. Unfortunately we are a small market, as many have found out as a few companies have discontinued their pumps. And I wish there was a complete breakdown on each of the pumps options and systems and of course upfront cost and ongoing costs.

Here is a good summary, last updated in 2018.



Thanks! That is what I’m talking about. Of course, it needs to be updated each year. Because now, pump companies are moving faster than ever with changes and advancements. This kind of link should be a go to whenever someone asks which pump?

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I have never used the 670G but was using a Paradigm before switching to the Tandem t-slim. Perhaps the biggest advantage to the t-slim is its integration to Dexcom. The t-slim colored touch screen is a major benefit to interaction with your pump. Another advantage for the t-slim X2 is that the firmware can be updated when needed. No need to wait for the next pump upgrade for the latest and best tools. Yes, the method of filling a t-slim cartridge and charging the battery is “different” than Medtronic but they are not game stoppers for me. The t-slim cartridge and rechargeable battery add to the t-slim’s small form factor. Having a smaller pump has a lot of advantages for me that exceed those “differences”. I’ve been using a t-slim for about 5 years. I’ve recently upgraded to the Basel-IQ and waiting for my required training to upgrade the firmware to Control-IQ. 5 years ago, for about 3 months, I may have complained about the different way to fill cartridges and charging the battery but not any more. All insulin pumps are are wonderful blessings. I’m happy that we have several choices. I can’t imagine life without an insulin pump though. Now after 20 years of using insulin pumps I have several non-negotiables: I want a pump that integrates with Dexcom, I want a simple-to-use pump that is a hybrid closed loop system, I want a pump that can be upgraded through firmware updates. For now, the current Tandem t-slim is the pump that checks off all of my non-negotiables. The smart use of technology and market competition will always bring us better and better insulin pumps. I’m thankful for that. Good luck


I think unless you’ve used the 670g it would be hard for you to understand the comparison so I can see the difficulty there. The Medtronic 670g won’t react accordingly until you are already in the red, meaning it does nothing until the data presents a certain number instead of giving you insulin as the sensor presents data as an extreme drop or rise.

Thank you Randy11, I’m excited to play with the new system and it’s wonderful to read your brief. What specifically do you mean by, "the method of filling a t-slim cartridge and charging the battery is “different” in terms of the cartridges? I think a rechargeable battery actually sounds amazing but what do I know?

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Thanks Sally7! Hey I can put the time in as long as I know the end result will be a probable success!

Dave44 thanks for your feedback!