Staying with medtronic

Tslim pumps don’t work for me.


@Dee_Meloche, will you be starting with Basal IQ or Control IQ? I am on CIQ since January & love it.

Probably basaliq. I am in Canada and basaliq control isn’t approved yet. That’s ok. I know it’s coming. This pump will be an improvement compared to my 630. At least the basaliq will suspend when it knows I am going to go low. I have reviewed the cartridge fill process and it doesn’t seem that bad. I am very excited.

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Omg. (rolling eyes) Maybe I should check in to this tslim

Is the price you quoted Canadian currency or the US dollar. I thought the price was $999.00 US

I have had Control IQ for a full week. It is awesome in SLEEP Mode. I used to go high or low or both but now it keeps me between 100 and 130. No more waking up to drink juice or give my self a basal. 4 whole consecutive days. I luv it already. AND was so skeptical! Next step is to keep me in SLEEP mode for 24 hours and see if it can keep me between 10-130 all day and night. Good luck!

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That is cad. I live in Ontario

D’Etta Meloche

Is this similar to US where 1399 is for the amount of time left on current warranty?

I think so.

Goodbye, Medtronic. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.



Sounds great! I have tslim x2 but still have g5 so I have not tried basal or control iq. I don’t connect it to my dexcom either because I prefer to use my phone and receiver. Overall I prefer to control my basal myself, I do not trust dexcom to do it, dexcom is often so off for me unfortunately. But I will try them eventually when I have to switch to g6. Otherwise tslim is great for the most part.

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@meee, I have been on Dexcom for years, starting with their 7 and 7+. Accuracy has increased unbelievably. I have been using the Tandem Control IQ since January 2020. The CIQ and the Dexcom G6 have worked wonderfully well for me and I recommend them without question.

If you want specific details, send me a private message.


Unfortunately dexcom is very inaccurate for me frequently enough to make it no good to use for this. I never rely on dexcom alone without confirming finger sticks.

Unfortunately basal control iq is not in Canada yet. I have used dexcom since the g4 came out. I find accuracy has improved with the g6. It can still be off but I think it usually catches up to what the blood is. The reasons for me switching to this pump is that the g6 goes through it so I don’t have to carry a phone around. It will also be easier to see what number I am at. I want a pump that can be updated so I won’t have to wait for my warranty to be finished. I also wanted the touchscreen. I am so done with button pushing and scrolling. The size of this pump is also smaller. I know basaliq control is coming I just have to wait for Health Canada to approve it.

Hey, thanks alot! That gave me a chuckle. I am glad that Tandem extended their pump upgrade for people who want to switch to a Tandem with more than 6 months left in their warranty. This offer expired in 2019 but they have extended it for me. I tried in 2019 to take advantage of this and medtronic didn’t answer my emails for the warranty confirmation letter. So I missed out on it then. I know I will like this pump. I only hope the Health Canada approves Basaliq Control before the end of the year.That sure would be nice.


@meee, wow. Dexcom G6 has been accurate enough for me since I started BIQ in Sept 19 and then CIQ in Jan 2020, that I have let all of my finger stick strips expire.

For me it has been great and I has something to share…

Everyone should know that readings you get off the t slim control IQ are nothing more than readings you would get from the dexcom receiver or your phone that you might connect to dexcom. I have had the control IQ for one whole week and I love it especially sleep mode. It will take time to learn the menu items on the control IQ as they go on deeper and deeper but ultimately once you get them they do everything and more that Medtronic did. My biggest concern is that the dexcom while in control IQ can take actions based on reading that it gets from dexcom and those readings could possibly be off a significant amount so watch out.

I am in Canada so I will be starting off on basaliq only. I find dexcom accurate enough. I have grown to trust it more so than the g4 or g5. There has been a handful of times when it was off usually not by much.1.5 mmol . The glucometer I test with is accurate as my doctor matches my blood test with a fingerstick taken at the same time.

If you are concerned about the accuracy of the G6, read the package insert fine print about the chemistry behind the G6. It is very sound, peer reviewed, and well tested. I have compared the G6 to hospital whole blood glucose values six times in the past 9 months. They were consistently 16 mg/dL off each time. It is the consistency that is key.

The G6 works for me & my life.

Hey, more power to ya. It works for me too. I have had times when my sugar was high and it didn’t catch it but I saw the increase and I suspected it was. It at least gives you a inclination of what is happening. It saves me from having a severe low as I don’t feel my lows anymore . It’s been like this for a long time. Predexcom days I was testing 10-12x a day. I don’t know how I managed without it. The only time I pick my finger is to test for accuracy and when I site change . I want to see sooner what my sugar is doing. I love this system and I am sure it will be a good combination with the tslim and the dexcom g6. The last time I had a system that talked to the cgm was my vibe. The g6 is more accurate. I hear the g7 is even more accurate! Very exciting!