Considering the Duodenal Switch surgery. Thoughts?

I've been diagnosed for almost a year now. My morning numbers have been mediocre all along (120 - 130) but seem to be getting worse (150 - 180). I have a BAD family history of diabetes. Everyone in my dad's family over the age of 40 has it. My grandma died at 51 due to it. My dad is 59 and has very bad complications from it. I'm terrified for the future.

So, I've started reading up on these gastric surgeries. They seem to be something worth considering. But I'm wondering what other diabetics think about them and the claims being made about their affects on diabetes?

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There are a lot of things to consider and your Endo would be a great source to help in your decision. You have a trauma associated with condition. Like any big decision, no one can choose for you but the steps are common...make a list of the PROS vs. CONS. Sometimes complications from surgeries are steep too. There are costs to consider as well... diabetic care + complications vs.costs of surgeries. Another thing to consider, would it be beneficial to your diabetic condition? I do not think any type of surgery would improve my condition unless it was some type of successful type of pancreatic transplant.

Diabetes also runs in my family. My sister had gastric bypass surgery about 6 years ago at age 38. She had gotten to 435 pounds and she's is only 5'2" tall. She is down to 120 pounds and has kept it off now for all 6 years. It took her about a year to lose all the weight. And best of all, HER DIABETES IS GONE!!!

I'm a little jealous because I weigh 170 and I am 5'5". Her doctor says I am not overweight enough to do bypass surgery.

Her recovery wasn't easy. She wasn't able to work for a full year. And, she had to have a lot of extra skin removed. She had a skin curtain from her belly that went past her knees. Anyway, she looks great now (she even had a boob job :)

My wife's sister had the standard bypass about 7 years ago. At that time her weight was killing her and she was using about 10mil of insulin every day. The surgery saved her life and she does not need any meds for BG control. She now has nutritional problems, gastrointestinal problems, Hypoglycemia everyday, and very poor bone density, but shes alive.......