Constant dry mouth

Does anyone constantly suffer from a dry mouth? My A1c is 7.1 my hope is to lower it with the pod but my Endo says it isn’t my diabetes. Other Docs say it probably is the diabetes.

Do you take any other med.s? I have gotten that from anti-depressants before, and I think even a -statin once…

I have it off and on, when I was younger I had it ALL the time. I was always told it was b/c of high blood sugars but when I got older I was told it is just common in diabetics and not nessicarly b/c you are high. I am now also on a water pill which contributes to the dry mouth and have been told that some BP meds can cause dry mouth too.

There is an autoimmune disease called Shogrens (sp?) which causes dry mouth and since those of us with autoimmunes often have more than one, it might possibly be something to look into .