Constant hunger

It seems that no matter how large a meal I eat, and no matter what the content, 2 hours later I’m as hungry as though I never ate. Still 2U of Lantus and that’s it, but on other meds that should be suppressing appetite. I’ve been like this as long as I can remember, but it’s a lot more pronounced over the last few months, since dx. Anyone else have this?

On the bright side, found out that I passed both the NY and NJ bars! Woo hoo!

Mazel tov! Hope you can take time to relax & have fun.

Fantastic that you’re still only on 2U of Lantus. Is your BG low two hours after eating? Don’t know if this is helpful, but if I eat too many carbs I feel hungry. If I eat a good deal of protein, I don’t feel hungry at all.

What are you eating? I’m usually fine if my meals have some veggies/other carbs, some meat, some fats- I need the balance and I need to eat until I’m full.

Hi Dov: :slight_smile:

There are many reasons for different types of hunger. Many Diabetics even get really hungry when they have high blood sugar. When I saw that you wrote “constant hunger”, I recalled a documentary some years ago about this Syndrome. The Person in the show had a severe case though. Some People have mild cases. I’ve only met 3 other People on the net with this Syndrome. I’m probably way off the wall in your case but it’s something to look into. It could also be an intestine condition.

Oh Hey…Woo Hoo!! :smiley: Good for you and Well done. Good Luck in both areas.