Always Starving

I feel like I am starving all the time... I eat a healthy meal.. I get full then 5 mins later I am looking for somthing to eat.. I started running/walking to help control the D.. I am looking at doing a marathon this year so I have increased my millage and the starvation has increased.. typical meal would be chicken breast ( a little bigger then the deck of cards ) medium potato with a little butter. then a serving or 2 of vegetables. peas,green beans, Brussels sprouts. okra (not fried). sometimes being summer we have had cantaloupe or watermelon. sometimes it is worse then other days.. any thoughts or ideas would help. I am on a limited budget and dont like hot food or spices.

I always find that drinking lots of water helps to kerb my appetite, I drink 4 ltrs per day.

Allegedly protein helps with hunger pangs, try grazing on thing like nuts and increase your protein intake.

Carbs are obviously filling, but with as you probably know. Diabetes and carbs present more difficulties than filling up with protein.

Also I find that if I stick to smaller portions over the course of a month my stomach seems to shrink and it takes alot less for me to feel full!

Good luck with it.

thank you

Wayna, I've been in the same boat for the past 4 years. I'll eat a normal meal, then I'll be hungry 30-60 minutes later. On some days, I snack constantly instead of meals. I'll eat one meal - all day that has no beginning or end. It doesn't matter whether I eat high protein or high carbs; I'm constantly hungry. Several handfulls of nuts make no difference either. My doctor doesn't have a valid explanation. When I asked him about it, he said, "Well, you're rather thin," which explains NOTHING. All tests, thyroid, etc. are normal.

I've have that problem to a lesser extent before my diagnosis four years ago (when I was 80 lbs. overweight.) Since I'm not gaining any of the 80 lbs I lost, I'm less concerned about it; I just don't understand it.

I totally understand where you are at. it is very frustrating to be starving all time. I am beginning to think it is something we have to deal with.

I hate to say this, but aerobic exercise has been shown to increase your appetite. In this way, it can be counterproductive to restricting calories and losing weight.

Are you trying to lose weight or are you trying to train for a marathon? The two goals may be in conflict.

ps. I found that a low carb diet significantly reduced my hunger, you might consider ditching the carbs like Tim Olson who won the Western States 100.

Trying to do both... this is my first Marathon. so I am just trying to finish at this point. But I would also like to loose the weight because the charts say I am over weight.. I dont think I am so I am in the middle on the loosing the weight I just want to be healthy.. I will have to look into loosing the carbs witch it will be hard kind of like loosing the pop almost 2weeks with out a pop last one I did have made me sick just know getting back to feeling better.

its sort of like breaking an addiction, feel like a crack addict with the hunger pangs and they can be so blasted brutal...i'll indulge on something like veges to curb it when i need to.

areobic vs. anareobic drove me nuts too, had to change my eating habits for that too. Anaerobic used to suck all the calories out of me during a workout, driving me crazier with hunger pangs and spiking my BG's way too low. a bowl of large flake oatmeal & 2 eggs works wonders for me if i'm going for the longer distances. :)

BG's only 5.4 ish after 2-3 hours later of bicycling and running, not in the low 4's

Wish you luck! Just takes time to shrink the stomach.

just to give an update.. still starving.. Had my A1c done last week got the results back. I thought I was doing good. it went back up to 6.9 I have increased my miles during the week I was avg. about 3 miles somtimes 4 during the week then long runs on the weekend I am up to 14 miles this weekend.. 9 weeks till the marathon.. I feel healthier. Am I denying the true fact that I am not in control of it and think I am or is it just a bad reading and shouldnt worry about it?

still straving

I'm sorry. That must be disappointing.

It really sounds like you are doing a bunch of things all at once, running a lot more, restricting calories and trying to control your blood sugar. It may just not be reasonable to achieve all these things at once. If you are splurging on carbs after workouts that can disrupt your weight loss and blood sugar control.

Perhaps you should "plan" for your preworkout and postworkout nutrition. Perhaps you can use protein shakes? They really help you recover and are very satiating.

I am thinking the same thing.. I do have a protein shake after my runs with whey and 4 strawberries and soy milk. I think you are right on the splurging I love the oatmeal cookie from McDees.. I am good I have just one and half.. but when you have them 3 times a week that might not be so good...

I have noticed the same thing about unsweetened almond milk, very filling, but wondered if it was just me. I make Chocolate milk out of mine using Hershey's Cocoa Powder and Truvia. I've got some flavored stevia I think I'll try something along the lines of your "vanilla milkshake", sounds good

Good job on running! I don't worry all that much about eating a lot when I'm running, although if I start to gain weight, I back off, as I think that the 5ish lbs will make a difference as the miles pile up? I've only done one marathon but have another one in about 3 weeks.

I think that it's really important to eat enough and time carbs to fuel your runs. I'm averaging 136G/ day these days (5'10" 185ish lbs). I usually try to eat 2 hours before long runs and have a hunk of carbs, piece of toast or whatever and some protein (eggs) w/ spinach and broccoli veggies and chia seeds (Tarahumarasuperfood LOL, also fat and a little bit of carbs, it gives the broccoli a crunchy texture that's pretty tasty. This was seconded by MrsAcidRock. Last year, my best running week (not the week of the race :-P) I ran my fastest 1/2 on Sunday and then the fastest 20 miles I'd ever run (out of 4...) the following Saturday. I'd switched some stuff to try eating more veggies to keep the lid on my cholesterol and felt really good so I decided my mom was right and have made an effort to get more veggies, even if it's bags of carrots and broccoli, into my diet.

I agree with the suggestion to keep fat and carbs around. I think that running the amount you run to run a marathon will "blow out" a lot of stuff. I've also been inspired by the low-carb gang to read Gary Taubes' books which suggest that anti-fat research may have misstated the truth and that fat is not bad, if it's balanced. I think that balance is critical with a long race as your body will pretty much eat ***everything*** you've got on board and want a snack about the 1/2 way point! Happy trails!

thank you Acid... my mom who runs with me were talking about that last night as well thank you for confirming it. I plan on meeting my mom about the half way point to refuel for the last half of the marathon.. I think I will have her add some carrots to the list.. Good Luck on your next marathon I can wait to hear how it goes...

I see a big difference in the weight loss as well I am 5'7 large bone and at 190 most days some days 188 others at 195 (mostly 195 if I have eaten bad like having a dr pepper because I ran 3.1 mile race)

thank you again for your input

You don't want to eat carrots during a race! You'll aspirate the little bits for the rest of the run! I am not a huge fan of Gu for treating lows but I had one at the 1/2 way (miles, not time, as I ran the first half in like 2 hours and the second in 3.3 hours!) point last year and felt pretty fueled by it. I think peanut butter sandwiches are also pretty rockin' to eat. Unless it's a really small race, be sure to bring what you need with you! I knew tons of people along the route but pretty much only saw my family rooters last year because the crowds (Chicago, it was a *really* nice day too...) were huge!

Re Dr. Pepper for 3 miles, I have a pump and CGM and find that it takes about a glass of skim milk to "fuel" a 5K (which I just ran, LOL!). Sometimes it's cutting it a shade close but it seems to work pretty reliably. Getting rid of treats like Dr. Pepper might be a good way to get rid of some calories/ weight? Not to say that you do it all of the time but, while I've been a huge snacker, I try to look at it as an opportunity to get something good into me and look for stuff with protein, vitamins, etc. when I can. That being said, I am aware that some brands of potato chips have potassium in them and I'll be sure to eat a bag the week before the race! There's a pretty lengthy dialogue about running w/ diabetes at the Diabetics Who Run Marathons group. One member, Jerry Nairn, has run > 50 marathons so there's way more experience than I can offer. I've sort of used it to post notes about my experiences going into the race last year and then running all winter.

I read that one when there is a post... it is a great site.. I do like the gu I started with one on the longer runs the 8 miles and longer that seam to help not so tried by the end of the run.. I love the pbjs... I will stay away from the carrots at the race.. maybe just during the week..

I'd steer clear of the J too. If a 1/2 a sandwich is 15G of carbs from bread (we are eating the Ezekiel in the blue wrapper these days...) and 7 from the peanut butter, that'll fuel a good chunk of running. I've posted it before but I got these little bags @ Hobby Lobby and filled them w/ jelly beans and/ or Smarties:

As when I'm running, my main concern is keeping my BG up and then it seems like the "fuel" equation solves itself? Last weekend, we ran 20 miles. I had 1 bottle of Gatorade (I take an Amphipod belt to haul all the gear...) mixed at 25G of carbs (the powder is 1) cheaper and, with a scale, you can put in however much you want...) and about 2/3 of a bag of the candy, on top of toast, eggs, veggies for breakfast and ran about 20 miles. My BG was pushing up for the run, like 120-140 and from the Gatorade/ sugar but I had some very small boluses with my pump and finished in the 80s, just in time for post run treats, another advantage of running with a group!

I have a long run this weekend 14 mile run so I might take some of the Gatorade with me to try... so far when I do run the longer runs I carry something close to that I like the butterscotchs hard caddies and the honey stingers with me.. I like just having them one at a time I also carry a half sandwich turkey with cheese. cut in half. Do you like the pump? I am currently on the needle I like it much better then the pills of course I am type 2 so with the doctor is a fight to get anything changed.

Thank you for your suggestions I don't mean to sound like I don't take them because I do..