can anybody name medicines for constipation , not effecting kidneys

Table Spoon of Olive Oil…Not a Med but works wonders for ME…

Last time I had problems with constipation my doctor suggested exercising or walking…Another is increasing fiber intake and/or fluid (water) intake. Some fruits also have laxative properties like papaya, magoes, pineapple and peaches. One effective medication is “Dulcolax”. Unless your allergic to suppositories, they also sell Dulcolax suppositories. Its best you consult your doctor so he may determine if it interacts with any of your present medications. Its also best to know what causes it.

Hope this helps.

OOppss sorry i did’nt explain why i take olive oil…I have been dxd with diabetic Nephrapathy (spell?) so i too have to take care of the kidneys…Is this what you have too ravinder?


Hey Ravinder,

I know for myself, I don’t use any medicine. I usually go the natural route of trying to drink more water (essential for us diabetics) - and increase my fibre abit - and getting off my buttocks and doing some activity! Stewed prunes help as well (I soak them overnight in some OJ). I never thought of using olive oil - thanks for that tip Leticia!

Anna from Montreal aka FatCatAnna - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

I have diabetic nephropathy and the doctor said to take blood pressure medications, an ACE inhibitor and also an ARB. Vasotec (enalapril) and Zebeta. It helps with the spilling of protein in the urine (24-hour urine) and also helps improve your creatinine clearance. My kidneys were declining rapidly until I went on the pump and CGM and improved my A1c to 6.2%. My kidney decline has stopped and even improved with the daily use of the medications and watching my BG’s.

Plain pureed pumpkin works great (not pumpkin pie filling with sugar & spices). Pumpkin has a balancing effect. It’s soothing & healing for constipation & diarhhea.