Anyone have colonic neuropathy? How do you treat?

Anyone here deal w colonic neuropathy and diabetes? How do you treat? anyone have an illeostomy and have to deal w diabetes diet and illeostomy diet?

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im not sure what you mean by colonic neuropathy but I have had diabetes for 53 years and have slow digestion and chronic constipation in part from neuropathy. I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn and they helped a lot. I was diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Dysenergia and I was treated there. Anyone can go there and it is truly an experience unlike I had at a well respected teaching hospital where I live who were unable to help me.
I eat a lot of bulky fibrous food and take a colon cleanser on a regular basis. I don’t eat dairy and use Mediterranean diet and exercise a lot. Seems to help a lot. Best to you.

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Nice to meet you. I was first diagnosed w pelvic floor dysnergia in 2016. It was this last year that I had a Tranenteric Motility study. I swallowed seed like items w radioactive dye that they could follow thru my system. The results showed My stomach empties in normal time, my small intestines in normal time… My colon was markedly delayed. I have had LADA for 14 years but its a very long story I had a very late, late diagnosis. My sugars were very peaks and valley for years and I did not know it b/c my fasting was often caught in normal range by my PCP. They thought my issues were due to endometriosis. My mom has type 1 since 12 and she had a slow GI system most of her life but now at 74 its markedly slow too. The diabetes must like the GI tract in my family! I also have had hashimotos since I was 7.

Do you live near Mayo? I currently take motegrity and magnesium before bed. It can be a very painful issue though. - I feel like a toght feeling like I have a belt around my waist. My colon is very stubborn Take it day to day. I have lost a lot of weight from it.
How do you handle?

what is a “colon cleanser”? Yoga and pilates helps me.

Good morning Barrett,

We drove ten hours to get to the Mayo Clinic twice. Just that desperate, and I know you can relate. I had pelvic floor training in St. Louis, where we live, but according to Michael Camelari at the Mayo Clinic, the instructions I’d been given were not correct. He also put me on medication I am no longer on but it was effective, Linzess.

In summary of my situation, there was a cluster of factors causing bowel immobility: family history of constipation; an antidepressant that I had been on for about 30 years that was also supposed to help with neuropathy; pelvic floor dysnergia; and gastroparesis.

About a year ago the antidepressant I was using became ineffective. When I increased the dose per physician instruction, constipation got much worse and the drug was still not effective for depression. So I decided to slowly remove myself. As I did that, I became less constipated.

I don’t feel cured but I do feel like I"m managing the condition much more effectively. I found out about the colon cleanse from a friend who is a nurse. It is a plant based product that provides bulk and some laxative. I would try to take a picture of the bottle but not sure how on this site. I buy it on Amazon, so you could look the ingredients up on that. When I’m having trouble (almost always) I take two pills in the morning and two at night an drink lots of water. I try to take regular breaks from it because it has Senna, which can be addictive, but so far I haven’t had trouble.

The product is by Nature’s Secret, called Super Cleanser and is sold as a dietary supplement. ON the front it says extra strength but gentle on your system. You can look on Amazon at the ingredients.

Hope this helps. Message me if you have any questions or feel like talking. Best. Kim

Mayo is in Rochester, MN. They have newer locations in FL and AZ.,.%3B%20and%20Jacksonville%2C%20Fla.

If you go to the one in MN, we started getting snow on Friday, but it melted and is expected to be up in the 60s again soon. The clinic is in the middle of nowhere, so if you aren’t good at driving in snow and ice, I recommend one of the other two locations.

The mayo is an experience. MN location has great art and you can take art tours. They also have a little history of medicine museum that is super cool. Rochester, MN, is otherwise a pretty boring farming town - small, and everything closes at 9pm. But mayo is one of the most prestigious hospitals in the US and a lot of world leaders get treatment there. They make huge donations, so it’s built out of marble.

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