Contact Detach - 6mm or 8mm

Hi all

I've been using the Contact Detach 6mm. I really like them compared to the plastic sets. But I do find they pull out a lot more easily. It's not a major issue as you can just put them back in and tape it down, but I was wondering, are the 8mm less likely to pull out than the 6mm?

Second question. Somebody gave me some tape things )"IV3000 1-hand" and I like them. But I looked on the Animas site and was confused by the difference between the various products listed. But more importantly, I wondered if my insurance covers them. If not, I'll stick with the bandaids I'd been using which work just fine (though they look dumb!).

I used 8mm contact-detach sets a few years ago and don't remember them pulling out as much (but they were much more irritating for me). I use the 6mm ones now and they pull out soooo easily. The tape on them is like the glue on Post-It notes - barely sticks to my skin at all! I've put Tegaderm over it which gets very itchy and irritated, and I've used Band-Aids (at your suggestion!) which are excellent at holding it in but get itchy within minutes and (if I keep them stuck there) remain itchy for days after removal. (It's made me wonder about whether I might be allergic to latex, since the Band-Aids have latex in them, but I don't think the other adhesives and tapes do.)

I have used IV 3000 in the past and like it, and more importantly it doesn't seem to cause me irritation, but I also noticed that it wasn't listed on the Animas site. I'd be interested where people order them from (especially in Canada).

I have been pursuing other set (types) for my daughter who is on an Animas Pump. She is sensitive to the plastic cannula. I received a wealth of information regarding solutions and options from Melanie at She seems to know everything about sets!
For my daughter, we use bioclusive for the tape when she needs extra protection. (swimming etc.) It is not covered by our private insurance company or by the Saskatchewan Pump Plan which provides for most of our daughters supplies. I recommend contacting Melanie and discussing your needs with her. We have been pumping for almost three years and I learned a lot from her today and I was made aware of all of the options available to pumpers. We will be trying a steel cannula next. Not sure which model yet. I had not considered the fact that it may slip out more easily. Good Luck, Stephanie

It is possible to be allergic to the acrylic-based adhesives as well as to latex. I have a latex allergy and react VERY strongly to bandaids (I get a lovely oozing and blistered rash within about 12 hours of contact, and so does my younger son who's only exposure to latex has been via bandaids) but most of the medical tapes are fine.

Thanks, Jen; yes, it does make sense that the 6mm would pull out easier than the 8mm. There actually is IV 3000 on the Animas site (at least the U.S. site). Oddly enough it's listed under "dressings" rather than "adhesives". There is IV3000 and Tegaderm. The IV3000 is different than the ones I was given, which have these weird strips on it. (called "1 hand".).

I'm really happy with my switch to the steel sets, T1mom; I had problems with kinking canulas with the plastic. I also like that you can just put them back in if there is anything wrong with the set placement.

I'm going to stick to Animas products as getting my new insurance settled with them was complicated and it makes it easy to order from one place.

But if insurance doesn't cover it, I'll just stick with my trusty band-aids. I'm lucky that I don't have any allergies to any of these things.

Hi Zoe

I use the 6mm Contact Detach and i don't find that they rip out easily at all. I do, however, find that on occasion i get a blistery, itchy rash from the adhesive. I use a tagaderm patch when necessary (like if i accidently hook my tubing on a door handle and yank the whole thing out!), but I also get a rash from that too. What I've found helpful is Benadryl spray. I clean the area i'm going to use with alcohol wipes and then when dry, i spray the skin with the benadryl. i let that dry and then insert the set. it stays stuck, and i get no irritation or blisters! i have been doing this for about 2 months now and it has worked miracles!! hope this helps!

Does your insurance cover the tagaderm, Kim?

I love the Contact Detach, and I've found an adhesive that I tolerate very well. I put a strip of that over the infusion site. I also twist the tubing between the site and the 'detach' bit, so there's a loop. It tends to sit flatter and doesn't get caught as much.

Does your insurance cover the adhesive, (or "dressing" as Animas calls it), susi? which kind do you use?

Do you use the 6mm or the 8mm?

No, insurance covers very little here. I use something that is available in Australia - Fixomull Stretch. Hypoallergenic and more. No idea what the equivalent would be in the USA. I also use a barrier - sometimes I get Skin Tac from the USA (super sticky), or I get something locally called SkinPrep (less sticky but effective as a barrier). None of this would be very helpful from across the pond, sorry! Here's some info about Fixomull: Maybe you can figure out an equivalent.

Yes, I forgot you were in Australia - for things like products and insurance, countries do matter! Good to see you, btw; it's been awhile.

Smith-nephew is the same company that makes the IV3000 I have, so maybe it's similar. Thanks, I'll take a look. Nope, looks very different.

I actually think any adhesive would work for me since I don't have allergies. I just need to figure out if my insurance covers it, I might just have to call Animas.

Still want to hear from people who have compared the 6mm to the 8mm steel sets.

I'm seeing an allergist in April and will probably ask him about latex (I'm very allergic to potatoes and grass and also think I'm mildly allergic to bananas, and I was reading that all of these are associated with latex allergies). I'm not sure if he can help with chemicals and such in adhesives, although I agree, it would be nice to know exactly what I'm reacting to since it seems so random and I know not all the adhesives have latex in them. It's too bad, because I don't seem to have any issues with the adhesive on the Contact Detach themselves - it's just that they don't stick at all. :(

Yes it's been absolutely ages since I've been here! Good to see you too Zoe!

Weird, they aren't listed on the Canadian site! Maybe I'll call them and see if I can order them, anyway.

I was told by a friend who deals with dressing for his job, he said to be sure to press the adhesive patch a lot to activate the stickum. I also use Skin Tac. I take an empty Rx bottle, press it in where I am gonna insert. Then I have a circle (about 1" in diameter) to aim for. I use the Skin Tac liquid and swipe it around the outside of the circle. I insert through the center of the circle - where there isn't any Skin Tac. It works very well, through sweating etc and it helps extend the length of time my CGM sensor stays on.

to be honest i don't know. i purchased a box of i think 100 and paid about $21.00 for them. i didn't have a prescription and i never thought about putting it thru insurance. i don't use them very often as i'm finding the Bendaryl is working great.

Just a question on the contact detach. I am very thin and have been having problems with canulas getting kinked on the ends from hitting muscle. I have read other post on here but never quite got what I was looking for. Would these be good for a thin person? I called Animas today and they said they do not give samples for me to try. I would hate to order them and not like them.

I'm thin as well (although female so I have a little more roundness than you probably do). I find that they work really well. and because the are metal they don't kink (and are really really short). Is there an animas representative who can give you some to try? I see our point about not wanting to buy a box only to find they don't work for you. Where are you geographically. If you are in Portland Oregon, I can share some.

Louisiana here. I never thought about trying to contact my animas rep. My Dr. put me on symlin and being small already this only made me get smaller. It has helped with the alc's though. I try to give my stomach a break but I cannot put them anywhere else. I tried my hip area but after one day it starts to burn and I form a lump and of course my levels rise. Tried leg and arm and bent cannulas. Now I get a few in the stomach area if I got to high up. Been pumping 8 years now and for the last year I have been having these problems. I guess 1 out of 8 isn't to bad.