Contact Detach/Sure T Steel Infusion sets

Hey Everyone. So I named this contact detach/detach because I think the Sure T is the same thing, but anyway…

I tried a sample of the contact detach today. OW is all I have to say . I heard this was a good choice if you have little body fat, but it felt like I just ripped my muscle open. It didn't hurt inserting the needle, but when I stood up and started walking around it hurt so bad. I had to take it out because it felt like it was tearing into my muscle. I thought this was going to be my answer to the bent cannulas I have been having, but I can't see how this steel needle would ever be comfortable...

ANyone have any tips/tricks for using infusion sets on little body fat? I currently use the inset 30's but have been having problems with kinked cannulas.

Where did you insert it? I have inserted in a sensitive spot before, then I just remove it and reinsert (it’s nice that that is possible unlike other infusion sets). I would say give it at least one more try and make sure that it just wasn’t in a bad location.

I inserted mine in my upper outer thighs and liked it, but I really needed to change sites every 36-48 hours. But given that I re-insert the same infusion set (after disinfecting my skin), it is no big deal.

I tried it on my outer thigh too. I actually did try poking around to see what spot was least sensitive. It hurt when I first inserted it, but then I moved it and it didn’t, so I thought I had it OK, but then when I walked around it was like OWWWWW!!! It felt like I just got a vaccination haha. They sent me the 8mm sample…they said they didn’t have a 6mm to try, which is I am sure the one I would need. I am just nervous to order a whole batch, especially since I felt so uncomfortable. I will give the other sample a try (they sent me two) but I really need to order a new shipment soon so I will probably just go with the inset 30’s again :confused:

Ah, I would definitely get a 6mm to try. I think that 2mm can make all the difference!

Yes, probably better to stick with what you know until you are sure that you like it.

I have not yet switched to SureT – I just ordered one box. I am still trying to decide whether I like them better. I think that I will be doing 50%/50% for a while.

We just tried a sure T on my son and he liked it the first time we inserted it. The next 2 times he said it hurt. he is using a 6mm and the thinnest one they make. 2 mm can make a huge difference…When we were using the silhoutte - which he will continue to use periodically since we have boxes of them…they gave us the longest one…why I don’t know since he was slim, athletic, and very active until I saw they made a shorter one. I think you need to try the 6 mm. He placed his on his upper buttocks, and love handle area, has played in several basketball games and soccer games with no complaints.
Do you pinch the skin when you insert it or do you just push it in?
Kristen, what infusion set do you use - I thought it was the Sure T because you reuse them? Just curious. Thanks, Nancy

I am testing out the Sure-T and that is the one that I re-use, but I am also still using the 6mm QuickSet because I have a lot of them. I may switch to only Sure-T’s or keep ordeing half and half.

I hate these things. No idea how people here can rave about them. Im fairly slender as well, so thats probably an issue