Contact Local Newspapers About

Dear Friends:
Here’s a big favor I have to ask of you.

If you have a chance, try contacting a local newspaper in your area, trying to identify an editor or writer whom you feel may be interested in writing about us, and let them know about our recent Press Release, announcing the community:
(the press release actually talks about a member number that is now obsolete, since we now have well over 800 members).

An example of how possible it is for us to get mentioned on local news is an article that appeared on the Tuscaloosa News today (Sept. 6): which resulted from a suggestion from our dear member Bernard or the mention in a couple of local papers in Tennessee, thanks to the support of Doris Ann.

So, we can make a difference: I count on that phone call, fax or e-mail to your local journalists.

Thanks to everyone!!!

Here is the PDF for the article from the Tuscaloosa News, in case you want to read it.
8883-TuscaloosaNews_MEREDITHCUMMINGS_TuDiabetesoffersforumforthosewithdiabetes.pdf (54.5 KB)

I’ve just sent an e-mail to the lifestyle editor of a local paper. I included your e-mail (, as well as a link to the press release. I’ll see if I can find e-mails for some local TV stations, as well.

Kristofer just gave me another idea I hadn’t thought of. Thank you the local news is a great place I will call them a little later on!

Can you forward the message you sent out to local stations to

The address doesn’t quite work the way you’d expect.

THX a lot for your help!

Sure will!

Hey Manny,
I had a VERY surprising day yesterday so I’ll try and do better today. Guess what my Type 1 daughter is going to have another baby!! Her daughter will be 11 months old day after tomorrowand she’s now 3 months pregnate!!! I know grandma again!!

Congrats, girl!! That is really cool.

Hey Manny I know I said I would send you whatever I sent to the telivision statitions but well…the computer outsmarted me again! LOL I contacted WBBJ-TV here in Jackson TN and am waiting to see if they think it’s news worthy and call me back and contacted our local FOX station here too WTJXchannel 16 and am waiting for them to call back too. I put the address for the artical in the paper and your e-mail address if they had any more questions. Just wanted to let you know. Tomorrow I will contact my aunt in Memphis TN and see what she can do to help. Oh yeah I meant to ask you haw about our local radio stations? I can try them.ugh kinda well known locally b/c I had a pancres transplant and had to use all these outlets to raise money quite afew years back.

That sounds like a good idea, Doris! Thanks for your help!!!

Manny, I just sent the press release to a local newspaper around my area. If I hear of anything, I will let you know.

Thank you,

Thank you so much, Cara!! Let’s hope they are interested in publishing it or writing about us.

If any of you can contact a local newspaper to let them know about our community, that would rock.

You can direct them to the press release mentioned in the first post of this topic or to this other one:

Both of them are accurate, except for the member count which is about to get to 1,600 as of today.