Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) users: share your experience

Are you hooked up with one of these new devices? Have you advice to give others that are interested in trying one out? Join the CGM group and share your knowledge.

I started using the sensors last year and like them once they are in and work. I’ve had a few that haven’t worked but Minimed has been nice enough to replace them.

My question is, does your insurance company cover your sensors? Mine does not and I am appealing this. I have Kaiser and will appeal until they start covering sensors.

I’ve been using the Medtronic Guardian CGM since Dec 2, 2007. It has allowed me to get my A1C from 7.8 down to 6.5 just by watching what the reading are after a meal and cutting carbs. The highs I get after meals are a problem and we’ve added Apidra injections at meal time to lower the high plateaus that I was getting. So far, so good. I hate changing the sensors, but that is part of the territory. We are banging away at the insurance company to pick up the costs…we’ll see what happens.

My husband is the diabetic in our family. We were just denied coverage by our ins. co for the Minimed CGMS. While we would be able to pay the initial cost of the monitor, we would not be able to afford the monthly costs. We are on our 2nd level deial with Independence Blue Cross. Does anyone know of any Ins, Companies that DO cover these costs? IBC considers the CGMS as “Experimental / Investigative” . I am researching now any studies or published articles. Anyone have any advice?

I’m supposed to go back and see my NP in June and I’m not very incouraged by some of the things I’m hearing. I have had my CGM for 3 weeks now and have been working with it and messing around with it. This IS something I want to do because I’m tired of giving myself shots all the time. Yes I’m scared to death. I have a friend who doesn’t even use the quickserter. She just does it by hand (she is 12 years old). As for the sensor I have to wait for that one, can’t afford it and insurance won’t pay for it yet. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Angela, don’t give up. It took me a full 30 days to get to the point that I was getting good readings and start to get “in control” with my BG and food choices. My A1C is now down to 6.5 from a high of 9.3. We…all of us…have to keep working away to be healthy.
John P

Well I decided to join this group after 3 months of use of the CGM. At first I wanted to throw the thing out the window, but now I am starting to get hooked. Still needs a lot of improvement, but I was able to fix some basal issues and I just caught a high tonight from going too high.

i use the minimed version and i love it. The only thing is that my insurance doesn’t cover it so i can’t always afford it.

I just spoke to a Medtonic rep at my diabetelogists office. I ask about the one yar replacement issue.
I got my Realtime CGMS system last year (March) and it is one year old. I was guessing that the issue is the battery in the sensor and its performance. I think my system is working very well. I charge the sensor overnight after six+ days of sensor use.

Anyone going to jump into the Navigator?

Hi All,

I am on the mm CGMS and love it. I drive for a living and with the monitor I don’t have to worry as much about lows or highs.

Hi Everyone,

I’m new here, and battling my insurance company to cover my CGMS (Minimed) the insurance company has now told me that they will cover the sensors if I can get a letter from a University Certified Doctor stating why I need them and how it will benefit… any ideas?

All I know is I like this sensor MiniLink gizmockus! I have one someone loaned me and I’m afraid I won’t want to give it back, but the dude’s cool to give me sensors too! Man!! I will fight for my own, or by that time, be out of a couple of debts to buy one of my own.

I’m not toally perfect on it, the internist was saying 'your BG’s are not great, y’know…" but I reminded her I’ve lost almost 20 lbs and am making the bleeding effort!

I wish docs could be nicer… Something like ‘Oh, well, you’re trying the sensor now, let’s see how this works out.’ But, no… they gotta make you feel small huh? Oh well, I go for labs tomorrow for cataract op, am nervous and don’t care about her right now.

Oh, I am wearing my sensor on my midriff. Normally I wear jeans and a tee shirt at work. They give you a diagram of sites one might use for the sensor, but then they say 'Don’t use in areas which will rub and etc… Great. everything will ‘rub’ somewhat, but the midriff seems to be good for now, but my sensor did give a bruise on my present site. No pain, but looks ucky. I’m going to leave it in right now, with a isig of 23.4 it is too soon to take it out…

Where do girls with short waists wear theirs? Where do guys wear their sensors (as I wear the jeans and tees to work, it would fit into my clothing style too)? I’m still new to it all.

Abbott FreeStyle Navigator Now Available

Abbott has finally released their list of DMEs so you can now order the FreeStyle Navigator. I got tired of waiting for Abbott to contact, they said that they would send the DME list to me when it became available, so I called them. They gave me the names of two DMEs for me to contact. I ordered my FreeStyle Navigator today, I should have it by Wednesday. It was more expensive (my insurance does not currently cover CGMs, I am still trying to get it covered) then I thought it will be - $1500.00 (included everything plus 6 sensors). The sensors will be $350.00 for 6 (about a month’s worth).

I will let you know when I receive the Navigator and start using it how it goes.

My husband has United Healthcare Arizona, they are one of the few that cover the cgms no probelms, now I just have to get the pump and that and I will be good, well at least better :smiley:

Hi. I am an endocrinologist. I would love to get some of your feedback about CGM to my colleagues.
If you would go to, you would help us learn more about CGM from the patients’ perspective and your input would be much appreciated.

Well, the minute I ordered sensors for the Minilink, the transmitter is showing signs of dying. It is over a year old… But I’m crunching numbers to see if I can’t make this. CalOPTIMA will say no and I know it.

But I’ve fallen for the beauty of the CGMS! I want this for me, and I want to be able to have what everyone should have. Though I am willing to pay for this, they don’t do ‘payments’, so I have to either not pay bills for a pay period and put up with late charges or save for a few months to get one of my own. You know then something else happens and will take my saving for the transmitter. The person who lent it to me said to keep it all, then I would only need the transmitter alone. That saves me $250.00 and I already have the sensors.

Well, off to the calculator again… This has GOT to be possible. It just HAS to be.

has anyone bpight anything fromheathwarehouse before?

Can’t they make up their minds??

I had been approved for a CGMS, and box of sensors through my
insurance (CalOPTIMA and UCMG). I received both the transmitter and
sensors in August/September.

Now, today, Sandra Mendosa called from MM with bad news,… Seems even
though I’ve been approved and have the letters they are not contracted
with my insurance to provide the sensors or transmitter (!) SO: Even
though I have been approved for a refill of 10 sensors, they won’t
send them out unless I buy them.

I did get a bill for the transmitter, I balked and they re-submitted
it and haven’t received further communication about the transmitter.
All I know is they won’t send the sensors now :frowning:

It is incredibly stupid this kind of thing couldn’t have been caught
before I got all my happiness and hopes up. I’m wearing the
transmitter and am almost out of the sensors they did send me…

The lady herself is never rude, in fact she herself is very nice and
sympathetic to what’s going on. but the fact she and I are even put
into this position is ludicrous. Good grief, does anyone know where
their hat from their head is? I can’t afford to buy them all the time,
and had had hopes that if a small box of four were covered for say 2-3
months, I can get another box of four for interim supply, but it’s all
up in the air now.

My heart is broken. This has saved me from 2 severe lows without
symptoms and for the first time in years I’m not afraid to strive for
good control because of the alarms drawing my attention to an
impending low. My last HbA1c was 6.7^ instead of the usual 8-9%

People say to ‘Not take all this personally’. Well when it’s you left
out in the cold of a favorite doctor’s office, or not getting the
supplies you need to have, it is hard NOT to take this “Personally” as
it directly effects ME.