Continuous Glucose Monitor- How to Get One in the UK?

Hi dear all,

I have been dreaming of getting a CGM all my life with diabetes, even before they got on the market. I think it will make a huge difference in my control, as often I feel like my BG is fluctuating massively between checks and thus highs (mainly) remain undetected.
Does anyone know how I could get a CGM? I live in Bristol, England. Anyone around who has managed to get one?
Did you have to pay? How much?

wish you all perfect readings today x

Hi Teo

In the UK the majority have to pay direct, and you don't get the discount they offer in the USA. Prices are between £1k and £1.7k depending on make and about £250 each month for sensors.

I started this week with the Dexcom G4, it cost £975 plus £250 for first 4 sensors.