Should I get a Dexcom? How can I get one?

Hi guys,
Well a few weeks ago I heard about the dexcom G4 and I had no idea what it was, so I decided to Google it and it seems like an awesome concept, but I don't know whether to get one or not. The biggest question is how easy it is to get one because I understand that if you live in the US, you ask your insurer about it and then they pay a percentage towards it and you cover the rest, but in the UK the NHS pay for everything, so how easy is it to get a Dexcom in the UK?

I've been using one for the last year-and-half. It's an amazing tool for managing your glucose levels. I recommend it highly. Unfortunately, I'm not in the UK so I cannot give you advice as how to get one there, but my guess is your Endo could probably point you in the right direction.

Thanks Christopher, I've got an Endo appointment in a few weeks so I'll about it then!

Definitely recommend it. I just got the G4 and love it so far. I used the prior version Seven Plus but stopped using it because I felt it was not reliable. The new G4 is a large leap forward in reliability and range. Great device and every diabetic should have access to it. Cheers.


I had one its predecessor, the Dexcom 7 plus, I didn’t care for it. Wasn’t for me, had a lot of problems with glitches and generally was a large headache for a very small benefit… a lot of people seem to seem to absolutely love them though so I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. If my levels were unstable and flying all over the place I’d consider one, short of that I don’t care for them

LOVE my G4!! It's spot on! Hope you can get one! I'm in the US so unable to answer your question specifically.

It's not sadly. Dexcom don't/won't deal with the NHS. Only way is currently to buy your own. And Dexcom will only sell it via these guys in the UK: who are pretty open to chat to about trying to get one, but sadly it's a no go on getting one "free" off the NHS or even "borrowing" one for periods of time or rentals or anything sadly. And yes, I've tried this with them, Dexcom US, and the NHS to no avail. None are wanting to budge or enlighten why it won't become available other than "Dexcom doesn't deal with the NHS". Dexcom US's line is it is still rather successful in the UK as a self funded device (over £1200 just for the base unit and sensor costs on top of that). The best solution I've cooked up so far is to buy a cheap (weekend in NY seemed pretty good actually) flight to the US, buy one, and hop back over here and you will still come out about £300-£400 cheaper than going through the UK distro :D as long as you *whistles innocently* forget to declare it to customs and thus avoid paying VAT on it, otherwise that'll be a further £240 bill on it...but I never said that though :P

The hope is though we might be getting the G5 or G6 though. So while annoying at the moment, things should hopefully work out eventually.

This is a crummy suggestion/idea.

What if a group of UK diabetics pooled their money and bought one or more G4s, transmitters and sensors, then shared the set-up for a week at a time?

Now that’s a good idea… Although I had no desire to continue using one long term I did learn a few things from the Cgm during the couple months I used it that refined how I do things.

The alternate close approximation is to test your BG frequently. No extra equipment or 24hour catheter required, just the cost of additional test strips. Test enough to know when you are likely to see your BG changing rapidly (e.g. three hours after every meal, during and one hour after exercising, etc. whatever works for you). Then try to test often in those time periods. I don't know how much you test currently, but if you increase your tests from 4 times a day to a dozen or even more, then you're likely to approximate the same control you could achieve with a CGM. The major difference is that you won't have is an alarm to alert you when you are going out of range.

Or my fave, lots and lots of finger tests...and having them complain then about the costs of strips until you remind them they could just hand you over a sensor and CGM...tends to shut them up :P

Not a bad idea though. Ok, sensors are a one person use thing, but as long as the users do a full reset after the week (am sure it has a setting for that if anyone can confirm?) than it should be possible to set up some kind of diabetic rentals thing. But some US folks say they can get like 12-20 days or so from a sensor on the G4, so it might be a way to go. Would be handy if (like me) when doing certain events or unusual things it can be loaned out for to watch over us while doing that.