Contour USB: Likes and Dislikes

What do you like and dislike about the Contour USB?

I like the self-contained Glucofacts software and the charts it produces.

I dislike:
1. Display is very difficult to read out of doors.
2. Meter regularly slides out of retaining strap and falls to floor or table top.

How about you?

You can order the wallet case from Bayer for free for real? I did not know that.


The self-contained Glucofacts software.


Meter slides out of retaining strap and can be hard to read outside.

Thin plastic they used to protect the screen… it scratches just going in and out of the full case!
The rather dim strip light that used a cheap yellow LED not a white one…
The crappy case that doesnt really fit the strip bottle inside it…
The meter not always going on automatically on strip insert…
The software reports arent as nice as OT or other meters
No way to enter carb calcs even if just to remind you how many carbs you corrected for
No way to enter insulin injected (bolus)

The display size and clarity of text/numbers
The reminder feature… Its an alarm that goes off after x period of time after you take a BG reading… great for checking for a correction :wink:
The software is built in

I tried to order this case by phone and was pointed to register the meter on the website… and some sleeve/bumper for the CountourUSB appeared as a free gift option…

I don’t know if this is the wallet case. I dont think it is though…

Still dont like Bayer support… Didnt try to just order it for me but made me go online and do it.
What a slow/laggy pain in the backside site they have. its awful


  • clear warning and error messages (not mysterious codes)
  • display (I tried it only at home, out of doors I use another meter)


  • I’d like a reminder with a repeated alarm: it could sound again (a minute later for example…) if I ignored it (or didn’t hear)

i have yet to hear the alarm, is it loud?
Size and Weight of meter
Color Display
Ability to download to my laptop without buying a cable(sold separately like my other meters)
Speed of reading and amount of blood needed
Its on my drug list from my RX Card, I can only use Contour or Breeze2 strips or i gotta pay full price
software works

Cannot yet export to CSV for use outside of software

like: display, size, that it is rechargeable, clear error messages, glucofacts, my son likes the countdown
dislike: can’t delete any readings, so if we double check to make sure it is actually high (which we usually do if he’s unexpectedly high), both readings go into the averages, so we always come out with a higher percentage of highs than actual and both readings go into the logbook, whereas when i was using diabetes pilot i would only enter 1 of the 2 if i confirmed a reading.

I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t export my data to a spreadsheet, but I found out that I could read the database file that the readings are stored in and then dump the results from that. The database format they use is sqlite so I use an sqlite tool to open the database, then export the ResultData table to a csv file. The name of my database file is “Bayer.db”. I use the firefox sqlite manager addon to open the file (, but there are lots of other free tools.

Oh, yes you can change the marker !

Try changing your MARKER under NOTES on your meter, I have changed mine before and had no problem. The change should up on the software also. As for out of doors: go the a cell phone store and check for a " SKIN" the size of the screen, apply it ( cut to size if needed ), this works great for me as well as my cell phone.


With the updated software, use the Profession version and make it a PDF, file you can send to Doc. either by e-mail and attachment or to the doc’s web site.

Go to Request to speak to Software Tech. Your name and phone number will be taken and they will call you back within 2 hrs. Tell him what you would like to do, he will help you update your version of software if needed or instruct you to up grade to the Professional version. He will also answer any other questions you may have.


Spoke with Customer Rep. and Software Tech. today concerning what was lacking with the carrying case and software. Suggested Bayer develop a smaller case as well as different Strips container that is not so bulky. With the software I suggested adding medications and insulin to the software. Also, that the need was there for listing Carbs. and Calories. Tech. took all the info down and said she would send me the feedback from the company of the meter and software. Hope, she does follow through. Chele


Physical appearance, tabbing meals as pre or post, color display, sleek design

Software, colored lancets it came with, and the fact that the meter case was two toned instead of the usual dull black. Now it’s both a dull gray, and a doll black! lol

I got it free, at Walgreens (they had a sale for $29.99, and I had a $35 coupon for it.)


The size and awkwardness of the test strip bottle.

The angled straps that are supposed to hold the bottle and the lancing device.

The fact that it’s always 15+ pts off of my Bayer Breeze2 (which is always on par with lab results).

I had to replace the first one I got because the meter never announced that it was done charging. That bit was broken.

Bayer’s customer service sucks.

I really like the meter, but my experience with customer service has not been good. Additionally, their web site offered a freebie for answering a few questions (which I did). I never got the freebie, either. As long as the meter works, I guess I’m happy?

As ND stated below, Glucofacts stores the data in a SQLite database. All you have to do then is get a SQLite Manager and then read the database, more specifically, read the ResultData table in that database. And, then, you can do whatever you want with data. Since I did not have a SQLite Manger, I performed a search and found a free SQLite plugin for Firefox at The plugin for Firefox has an option to export the resultant output to a csv file.


I love the compactness of the Contour USB.
I love the fact that I can just plug it into a USB port and upload the readings.
I don’t have to buy any additional hardware/software to get it on the computer.

The software is very limited in what it will do! I would like to enter my meals, my exercise activities, my A1c, etc. I don’t see how to do it with their software. However, all this is mitigated by the fact that the data is stored in a SQLite database that is on my hard drive. And, there is nothing stopping me from writing my own GUI front end to enter all that stuff and display it what ever way that I want!

Yes, I’m not terribly unhappy. I’m still going to use it. lol But if I had my way, I’d fix those few things, too. :slight_smile:

A quick fix for the strip bottles is try using the Arkay style strip (glucocard) bottles filled with the Contour strips… Pretty sure they fit… I was using a OT strip bottle for them and that helped a bit… Just keep the bottle you took the strips from untill they are spent…

Never did get the sleeve either…

And their customer service is “blame the customer” and not go out of their way… This is why i stopped using the original Dex meter… Not true of the other major vendors and a lot of the smaller vendors…

(Lifescan is good, Accu Chek is good, Agamatrix is amazing (like lifescan USED to be), and bayer is : I rather call my doctor or CDE than deal with Bayer )


the size.

the fact that I can just plug it into a USB port and upload the readings

the display

pre/post buttons

the battery


the case

the error messages that are not clear

the number of wasted strips because the meter does not turn on automatically when the strip is inserted or just error out for no reason (this is a big one)

the very limited time to apply the sample


I agree the time limit to apply the sample to the USB Contour is a bit of a drag. I've gotten caught on this because if I am having a rough day, I can't be rushed to prick my finger from time to time.

I work around this problem by placing a test strip just inside the meter BEFORE I prick my finger to get a sample.

You can pull the strip out quickly before the meter fully powers up, so it is just resting inside the meter.

In other words, the strip inside the meter, just not FULLY inserted for the Contour to recognize that it's there and powered up.

When I prick my finger, I use my free hand to gently tap the strip fully into the meter so that it powers up and initializes, showing the display screen.

As soon as I see the "apply blood" message (usually about 2-5 seconds after power up), I apply the blood from my now-prepared-finger to the strip and run the test.

Hope this helps. ;)