I just got a Bayer Contour USB for FREE

One of our local pharmacies, Hy-Vee Drug Stores, had a $35 coupon on their shelves – though no meter in stock (don’t buy it there, cus it’s $75.) SO, I took the coupon to Walgreens which had the meter on sale for $29.99, and only paid $2.10 in taxes for it. Will go back and purchase a Bayer Didget for Nintendo DSLite, which I got a $25 coupon from their website, and is also on sale at Walgreens for like $29.99.

Great, huh? :D

Now the only issue is the expensive test strips. i wish they would sell them cheap also and give coupons. I have a drawer full of meters that require expensive strips but sounds like a great find

Actually, this meter just uses regular Bayer Contour strips. And the strips are also on sale, right now… (great for those with insurance)…

That’s great! I plan on getting that contour meter in the next week or so if not sooner. I pay out of pocket for certain meters. Let me know how it works out for you. And whats with the one that plugs into a DS? I’m going to look that up. I don’t have a DS but it sure seems cool.

It’s called a Didget. It’s supposed to have a game that helps encourage kids to test more. I’m not a kid, but I play one on tv. :smiley: hehehe The Contour USB seems to be cool. Mine seems to have a charging problem, so they’re going to send me a new one in 2-3 business days, via UPS. But my husband, who got one, too, his works awesome. I got to test with mine, and check it out, and I like how it’s set up… It just doesn’t seem to charge all the way to completion. Other than that issue, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The software is nice… the graphics are nice… It comes with fancy, colored lancets, instead of those boring gray ones… I like it a lot. :smiley:

I was just watching Caleb’s youtube video on the Didget. Oh I wish I was a kid:-)
Maybe you just have to charge the Contour for a good 24hours when you first buy it to break the battery in. I know cameras and cell phones can be like that.

It charges in 2 hours per their instructions. My husband’s charged in 2 hours. Mine gets stuck at the 3rd bar, and won’t finish. They’re just gonna send me a new one. :slight_smile:

I’m still gonna pretend I’m a kid and get the Didget. lol

Ohhh you might like the Didget! It has a game or something, meant to encourage kids to test more. (I’m a 33 year old kid, so I’m gonna get it. lol)

They have a $25 coupon for it on the Bayer site. :slight_smile:

bayer meter seems pretty awesome but i gave mine away when i got the omni pod :frowning:

Does the software allow to export the data as an XML or CSV file (XML would be better)? I am asking because a file would allow me to develop an import filter for my Glucosurfer project.

It’s a java program that allows one to export data to PDF. The files are in two drives, and everything seems quite open, though. The Software is called Glucofacts Deluxe, and you can download it from their site, too, for free… If you want to check it out.

Well, I’m sure you were helping someone with it. :slight_smile: We’re gonna go get another today, to have around, for spare parts, etc. lol

I really liked the contour meter and the fun colors except my insurfance didn’t cover the test strips :frowning: so I had to go back to the meter that was covered its called the element.I believe. But yeah the contour is a really nice meter at least I think so anywy I just can’t afford the strips and like I said for some reason medicare won’t cover the strips. You got a great deal on that! Smart shopper! :slight_smile:

Yup, I just bought Four of these.
One for the office, the car, the house and a spare.
Walgreens had a sale at $29 and Bayer has a $20 coupon tot = $48
My Ins covers my strips 80% so 100ct ran $27, each meter came with 25 x 4 = 200 strips instant stockpile.
I also like the software and the easy to use interface, I do wish it could export to a CSV/excel file.
Buuuuuut I poked around the software it looks like a strieght forward serial dump, with a little work I think the meter itself could be made to dump to a file.
The other little thing I wish it did was to take your manual inputs from the computer and push them into the meter so the trending feature matched on both.
As I have multiple meters I did figure out how to share one database among them all so if I update at work I can see that info at home and vis versa.
In short I really like being able to get my hands on something I can control.
I do have to say I had issues installing gluco facts on windows 7 64bit. And where’s the iphone suppport/app?

I think it might be a while before meter companies get their act together on iphone/smart phone apps lol I mean, come on, we’ve had pen drives for how long now? And no one bothered to just make a meter like this until how recently? heh Those companies are just soooooo out of touch with a lot of the new technology. BUT… There is a meter that was discussed in some other thread, which will be connecting directly to the iPhone or iPod. I can’t remember the name… but it uploads all your data…

Just in case anyone wants to use multiple meters to update one database.

You need a NAS, or a shared fold accessable anywhere you want to use the app.

I myself installed it on my HP Windows Home Server. and created the database in one of the shared folders.

Then on my other computers I mapped that folder installed the app and connected to an existing database.

So now the whole family can use this ability to update their home database while traveling, at work or a friends house.

All you need is your testing gear and access to a web based system, yes even Iphone will do it.

Of course I edited out my name and Bday :slight_smile:

The Iphone connection app is called pocket cloud. (yes thats an actual screen shot off my phone)

Be sure to check out Bayers “Win Simply Saver Program” they claim a $30 a month coupon program.
I think it’s targeted at Insurance holders because oddly enough thats about the co-pay amount on 100 strips.
but if your going to pop $100-120 why not save $30.
Sign up your kids pets and neighbors and stock up.

The program doesn’t supporting it to xml or csv, however the database format used by the glucofacts software is sqlite. You can use one of the many sqlite tools to open the database and extract the data to a csv file (I use the sqlite firefox extension @ https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/5817). . Open the tool, open the database file (mine is named Bayer.db), and export the “ResultData” table.