Are you a Bayer ContourUSB user? Meet others here

for users of the Bayer Contour USB blood glucose monitor

I love the fact that you can recharge it by sticking it in a computer, or using the wall charger. And how easy it is to read, and flick through the readings to review history. And my daughter, who uses it, loves the way it looks … and that Nick Jonas uses it too!

I have a Contour USB but I’m not using it yet. I only tried it with the “10 strips” I found in the package.
I’m going to use it soon.
Nice meter!

This has got to be one of THE best Glucose Meters on the market. I am a tech geek, and I got my hands on one of these thank to my CDE. I love the onboard log book, and the overall sleekness of it. And the 500mb storage is nice too, just wish it was several gig’s though, but that is about my only gripe about it.

M. Peterson

does anyone have problems getting the preloaded software to work?

I had to use Windows XP to flash the firmware up on it… I downloaded the latest version of Winglucofacts (sofftware) AND the updater from Bayers website (which is slow and a pain to login to)… install the current version, then install the updater and run it as admin… choose the USB device and flash it. Then try using it with Win Vista/Win 7/Mac (even)…the post update stick works in win 7 AND seems to allow my current installed version of Java to run it, not downgrade it.

(Did it in an XP VM in Win 7, had the Countour USB plugged in then manually attached to the VM)

Still really wish they used a more durable plastic/coating over the display, as well as a brighter/better LED for the strip light.

With the recent price drop at retail, I purchased one of these and while I have not been a fan of previous Contour meters in the past, I really am considering ditching my Ultra Mini for this. Love the screen, love the speed of testing (only 3-8 points off of my Mini – and A1C numbers seem to indicate that I’m higher than lower with plasma blood test). Also loved the option to set up an alarm in two hours in order to do a follow up test (my endo would love it). While I have not played with the software, the hardware seems mostly nice so far. Would like a better feedback click when pushing strips in (you have to push it in quite a bit, already bonked several strips because of this). While the price was high, a WiFi or Bluetooth connection might have made this even easier to use as in might upload results automatically.

Lastly, these mini meters are getting so small that I’m still shocked that the strip containers aren’t rectangle-shaped. Would save a lot of room. Also, the lancet device feels like something from the stone ages and not quite the quality of the OneTouch lancing devices (until, of course, Accuchek releases a mini version of the Multiclik (wish, wish, wish).

I use the Contour USB and love it. Right now I am having trouble with the software. Kept the Icon on my desktop for almost 6 months, now for some reason can not find it to get it back. Checked My Computer screen and every thing is there and marked. Just can not get the soft ware back. Have been attempting to contact Customer Service, but having trouble getting through. Hate that because I do like the software compared to others. Just wish the carrying case was smaller, especially the bottle of test strips. Usually just put It in my purse or s small cell phone case.and so.

Finally got the software download from Bsyer. The Teach suggested downloading the “Professional” software. There are some changes to the original Glucofacts. This one is the Deluxe and it is get, charts with this one can be made to PDF file and downloaded to End. or attached and e-mailed to Endo… Problems with meters are universal and I have had many Since 1976. However, just by calling the company with the USB they have helped me greatly. Do not give up on this meter, of all the meters I have had this is by far the best. JUST KEEP THE FAITH AND GOOD LUCK !

I talked to a Bayer Repersentive the other day when I went to a Diabetes Expo, and they said that they are coming out with a new ContourUSB that is going to have better software, and at least a 2gb compasity and quite possibably even a MP3 function. They also said that if anyone is having trouble with the Glucofacts software to go to the website that there is a new version to download that will works better, but that they are working on making a .exe version instead of a Java one.

This is a great meter, I bought one this past summer and use it as my main meter. I also have the Contour, I use it as a backup meter and keep it with me in my turnouts if and when I feel strange on a call.

Software was weird acting on a Win 7box but when I downloaded the Pro version software & not the software on the meter itself, problems were solved.

Just got my meter and love it. Of course, as I told my grand daughter, if it has a cord or a battery, I like it. I had somewhat of a problem getting my computer to read my meter (no instructions) but everything is fine now.

Welcome to the group, Annette. I have two Contour USB meters now (one is backup for the other). The only thing I find inconvenient is that it is really difficult to read in sunlight out of doors. I am rather active and frequently need to test outdoors, so I have to look for a shady area (or make one) to read the results. (Or maybe its just my aging eyes …)

I have to say, I’ve been using My meter for 6 months now and I just love it! Great size, nice display, and really easy to connect & charge up. It’s given me no hassles at all on My Mac.

I now have 3 so I have a backup at home and at work!

Called Bayer and registered my USB backup meter last week. Told the rep. I had also registered my original USB last year and never received my free Sleeve and I wanted a sleeve for my backup meter. Last Monday I received my original sleeve for my meter by Fedx. then Thursday I received my sleeve for my backup meter. Guess it pays to get agressive at times. How about any one else?

Yeah whats up with the sleeves. I never got one… iv called them and they gave me the web page, and iv never gotten it…Anyone get theres without complaining repeatedly?

The one thing id wish they would offer is a screen protection film. my meter already has a few scratches just for putting it back in the case!

I got my sleeve yesterday in the mail…