Control after Pregnancy

I need some suggestions ladies… I have gone from A+ control for almost 3yrs to conceive and carry my baby to probably an F in the last 8 months since she’s been born. My last A1C jumped from 5.6 to 7.3. I was warned that my control was probably gonna go out the window but I figured since I had warning I wouldn’t let it happened…oops. I don’t remember to bolus, hardly count carbs anymore…when I do bolus I go low and then over eat…and to top it all off, I feel like crap and am depressed because my sugars are so all over.

Has anyone else experienced this? Do you have any tips to help me get back on track? I want to be happy and healthy and to feel good again!! I know there isn’t an easy fix other then to test more and count carbs and bolus, but dealing with the baby there isn’t always time for me anymore. Wishing there was an EASY button for life…

HANG IN THERE! I understand what you’re going through. I had perfect control during pregnancy but couldn’t have anticipated the difficulty in staying in control after the birth of my son. I’m not sure how much you’re testing, but I continued to test alot through out the day. We must remember that we have to take care of ourselves first in order for us to take care of our babies. I also struggled with breastfeeding because I would bottom out even if I decreased my basil and was sitting there eating snack. I hung in there for 2 months and we went bottle from there. Don’t be too hard on yourself! We don’t need to put any more stress on ourselves than necessary. Maybe you need to sit down with a diabetic educator or dietitian that can listen to your needs and help you map out a solid plan. My son is almost 4 and I must admit the baby stage was the hardest for me. Just keep your head up. I promise it will get better.

Hi there, just wanted to let you know I’m in the exact same boat… my daughter is now 7 months old and my A1c went from a 5.2 (yay!) to a 6.4 (still feeling good!) to a 7.8 (ahhhh!!!)… the 7.8 is the highest I have been since being diagnosed! Another factor for me was that in trying to lose some baby weight I didn’t want to over-bolus and need to compensate with more food when going low.

A couple months ago I posted about being burnt out and got a ton of positive feed back… seems it happens to everyone at least once!

Not sure about you, but managing diabetes with pregnancy was HANDS DOWN the most difficult thing I have ever done, so I think you need to give yourself a big pat on the back for getting through it with such a great A1C :slight_smile: Take care, Kris

I am in the same boat! I have an 11 month old and the first 7 months was the worst control ever, it’s starting to improve but very slowly!! It’s not so much that my diet changed I just get so tired I don’t want to go get my glucose monitor, or maybe the insulin can make it till morning in my pump, etc. At first I thought, “well I had such great control during pregnancy I deserve a guilty free period of time” I am not sure if I just picked up bad habbits in the last 11 months or what! I’m sick of feeling bad about it too!! I wish I had the answer for you! At least you know that there are others going through it too!

Okay, I’m not even TTC YET, but being a worrywart and habitually putting everyone and everything before myself, I’m totally worried that if (hopefully) one day soon I can conceive, and have a baby, that I will be the world’s worst at doing this! Hang in there. I’ll bet you will be back on track soon. It’s good you are reaching out, and I feel that so many women MUST go through this, right? My non-D friends certainly put their babies before themselves, so this must only be natural :slight_smile: You can do it. I’m sending good thoughts your way!!

I had my daughter 10 months ago and completely understand what you are going through. Those first few months of being up every 2-3 hours were done on pure adrenaline and I am sure that most of us diabetics struggle to eat “healthy” and exercise during those times!
My suggestion is to keep trying, but not to be so hard on yourself. Your body is going through some amazing changes. With time, I am sure your weight is going to change, which is going to impact your insulin needs. When my daughter was about 7 months, I suddenly dropped another 7 pounds, which I liked, but it put my insulin needs in a tailspin again. I was having a lot of lows so I would grab some sugary foods, on the run … thus the elevated A1C’s, I am sure. You described the same thing I experienced. I know how it feels to get depressed over that, too. I was getting some neuropathy issues in my feet during that and it was really bumming me out … I think it will get easier for you, over time. My daughter is much more manageable now, at 10 months, and more patient for me to make decent dinners and feed myself “good things.” My last A1C was better than 3 months before and I see a trend of it getting better. Hang in there, I promise it should get easier!!!

Thanks for the support ladies. I’m back up over 8 now :0( However the last week I have been wearing the sensor and trying to test and bolus more…I guess I’m getting there, slowly…