Second Baby- Out of control Diabetic

Earlier this year I found out I was pregnant, I was worried because I was already 8 weeks along and my A1C was 11.2, I went to a Diabetic Endo and got a meal plan and tested my sugars 8-12 times a day. My sugars were amazing, sadly just 4 weeks later I lost the baby. Here we are 3 months later, after being in a depression from the loss I didn’t take care of my sugars again. My last A1C was 9.2, I’m very worried about this pregnancy. I’m only 3 weeks this time so I caught it earlier. Anyone who has been in my shoes or at least has some helpful advice, I’d be greatly appreciated.

All you can do is concentrate on getting good control of your bloodsugars. Youve done it before so you know you can do it. That will give your baby the best start. The rest is whats meant to be x

When I found out I was pregnant my a1c was 7.8 but it was 9.6 two months before that. I agree that all you can do is start bringing them down as soon as you can and try not to stress. It’s easy to be scared but really other than controlling your bgs you have no control over it so don’t let that thought rule your life. There are lots of women who started with bad a1cs and now have healthy babies. Take lots of folic acid ASAP test often and live each day one day at a time :slight_smile:

When I got pregnant,(the 2nd time) my a1c was also not low enough(although better then the first one ending in miscarriage at 6.5 weeks) it’s very tough because diabetes is the first thing everyone blames but like others have said, people have elevated a1cs at conception and have healthy babies.(and the second time around, I had a healthy baby boy)There are other reasons for miscarriage and we can only do and hope for the best. Can you get in to see an Endo(or educator) soon…they (often are) the pros at helping one getting things under control,quickly.Moral support is also important…somebody who believes in you/doesn’t judge when you are having a rough day.(I went to a local insulin pumpers support group) take care

When you were pregnant what did your doctor want your numbers to be, my doctor told me 60-90 before meals. My sugars have been anything from 50-165 lately, i’ve been trying very hard to keep them lower.

i am already 37 and i want a sugar is not well controlled and i have been trying to get it right, HbA1c is 9.9 went up from 8.6.i got depressed.i thought i was getting it under is difficult.

I just had my son in October, like you I was an uncontrolled diabetic. My A1Cs were between 9-7 my entire pregnancy and my insulin tripled by the end. It is a ton of work, but worth suppressing your cravings, de-stressing (taking walks, acupunture/chiropractic, visiting, etc), and testing like a maniac (including waking up and checking at 3am every night). I was called an uncontrolled diabetic my entire pregnancy, which really hurt because I tried so hard, but in the end I would do it again. :)