Cooking as a diabetic how has it changed for you?

I love to cook but now i am thinking all the time about my diabetes and how i should adjust things. I still have two teenagers at home so i don't what it to change what they are eating. what do you do?

I live on my own so it is not really a problem. Since I low carb I eat meat and vegetables for dinner, that would be easy for you, just omit the potatoes, rice, pasta, bread that your teenagers eat. Breakfast for you can be egg and leftover vegetable scramble, or egg and bacon, I guess you all get your own breakfasts anyway. Lunch is meat or fish and salad.

I'm a big fan of the Weight Watchers programs and their diets. Fortunatly, the WW way fits a diabetic needs extremely well. So, for me it's not changed hardly at all from what a normal cook should be doing.

There are 4 of us in my house. I am the only Type 1 diabetic, but probably the most diverse in what I eat. My wife and our 2 kids are picky eaters. No matter what is served, someone will likely complain, so we just try to mix it up as much as possible to make it fair for everyone. For example, since our daughter doesn't like fish and Kraft dinner, we cook that when she is away. All of us must adjust in some way, depending on what is served on any given night.

one easy thing you can change and I promise they will not notice is pasta. If you use Dreamfields, it is only 5 digestible carbs per serving, but it is NOT wheat and my family has been eating it for the last 5 yrs and didn't realize it was low carb. It is in a black box with red writing. If you cannot find it at your local store, place like have it. Good Luck!

I'm have a large family and our lifestyle centers a lot on food. I'm the main cook for my family. Now that I've beem very-low-carbing (for the past few months) I find myself cooking and baking a lot of meals without tasting them. I'm always afraid I put in too much salt, or left out some key ingredients... If I want to try a new recipe I have to keep asking my family how it is, what does it need more or less of for next time.. Its kind of weird. I'm thankful that at least it happened only now, after I've been running the kitchen for 25+ years so I'm pretty experienced in guessing how the food will taste and whether it pays to try a new recipe. Of course, since I have to make more healthy foods for myself (vegs, fish, less doughy stuff, etc.) my family ends up eating a better diet, too. They don't mind at all. But I still give them their goodies.