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Just found this site. My hubby was diagnosed a few months ago and is on metformin once a day. My problem is trying to cook for him. He’s always been very picky. He’s usually pretty good about the meals I cook, but it’s starting to get monotonous cooking the same things over and over. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?

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Look for Low Carb recipes. There are tons of them out there and a tremendous variety. You can Google low carb recipes or Keto recipes and you will be amazed what you can make and how good it tastes. You will certainly find plenty of recipes he will love. Stick closer to the low carb, high fat recipes rather than the low carb high protein.

@CJ114 Thank you. We are both new to this and truly, I wish it was me that had diabetes instead of my husband. Ugh. I’ve found a few recipes but there’s always something he doesn’t like about them.

Is almond flour a good substitute for bread and biscuits? Anyone tried it? I just bought some, hoping he will like it better than what’s on the shelves for diabetics.

He should do the cooking so he can appreciate the food he needs to eat.Which means he needs to go low carb and understand the changes he needs to make.
I am not a fan of picky eaters.

If you don’t cook you can’t eat. Tough love.

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I’m not a picky eater either. :woman_facepalming:t2:

You said your husband and was a picky eater and the diabetic?

Yes, both.

I am well controlled T2 on diet and exercise only, I have learned to eat what works for my BG not what I think I want to eat, I still really enjoy the food.

Almond flour is awesome. Go to and make him a great pizza with almond flour or garlic bread. Pizza will be under Fat Head Pizza. or Look at Fat Head Dough or one of my favorites Chocolate Avocado Mousse. - Enjoy

I think he’s still learning what he can and can’t have. There are some things he shouldn’t have but does. I’m trying to control his diet by cooking things he likes and are good for him. He’s not good at cooking but it’s a learning process for us both. I keep trying to get him to drink more water but he doesn’t drink it often. It’s only been about nine months since he was diagnosed.

@CJ114 awesome, thank you for the link. :+1:t2: I need all the help I can get. :crazy_face: