Cooking for a Diabetic

Cooking for my husband has been a lot of experimenting with different types of foods. Trying to find ways to cook the foods he loves in ways that are healthy for him.
The first weeks after his diagnoses, I went way out of the way to provide him with meals and snacks that were so low in calories and carbs and fats, it’s a wonder he didn’t leave for the shock to his system, lol.

But he stuck with it and after a couple of weeks, he did lose a pound or two and he started feeling better. For a couple of years we worked with his diet and controlled his sugars with just Amaryl. After a while though, they would be raised. The doctor added Metformin 500mg. once a day. He stayed that way for quite a while.

Then year before last he had a very serious attack of something. One doctor was sure his pancreas was shutting down. Another said he must have passed a gallstone. Funny thing about the gallstone is, he had no symptoms from that.
But the pancreas was a different story. The small town we lived in at the time, did not have an endocrinologist available to see.

Anyway his primary care doctor treated him for the pancreas and we got him back up and going. He added another pill to the mix and upped the Metformin to 1000mg a day. A few months of that regime and diet control again brought his sugars back under control. He got to 4 mg Amaryl a day and 1 500mg of Metformin a day.

For the last year he has done well with that. Now two months ago the A1C says not good numbers and back up to 1000mg of Metformin a day.

So I have started searching for new ways to provide nutrition and healthy good tasting foods.

I bought two things. Crazy but I believe they will help.

So, I will try the recipes and meal planning.

One thing I am trying is to use natural products not processed foods. One is to use natural sweeteners and real foods.