Cooking lessons all alone

I have spent most of today cooking. It’s Sunday and I’m preparing the week… and also tried something new for a special lunch today: Cannellini bean salad with chicken breast. Took me only about an hour to throw together (plus overnight soaking plus 40 minutes cooking this morning) - nothing compared to the almost three hours I spent doing a vegetable stew. It turned out to be about 5 litres so I’ll eat this for the weeks to come…

This is what I threw in: one huge onion, 3 carrots, 2 potatoes, 4 small peppers, 2 zucchini, 1 head of green cabbage. Now, when I tried it about mid-way through the cooking, it tasted of nothing much so I threw in about a tablespoon of chili flakes. I guess that killed the beast: now it doesn’t taste of much either, it just makes you spit fire. I will have to warm it up with lots of cream to ease the spice a little. Yes, that’s right - I am not eating this at all tonight (going out for Indian food with my uncle), it is sitting there to cool down and be frozen for the next few weeks (months!).

Now, after a little rest at the computer, I am back washing salad and making salad dressing for lunch at work. In between, washing dishes. sigh Will this be my Sunday afternoons for the rest of my life??