Struggles around the table this week

I want to start recording what I am eating, more to keep track for myself than for others, but I’m sure one or the other funny story will come out of it, given that I don’t know how to cook and have to learn. Now.

This week was full of trials, like the carrot and pumpkin stew on Saturday night (carrots mushy, pumpkin hard, too much butter) that I ate with a huge portion of carpaccio (fresh meat). The fact that I felt too sick to finish my carrots and pumpkin could have had any of the following reasons: raw pumpkin, too much butter, too much raw (only partly marinated) meat. The rest of the pumpkin and carrots went down well the next evening so I guess it was the meat.

On Sunday night, I prepared a huge lettuce for the rest of the week, which kept very well in the fridge at work until Friday. I also brought in salad dressing made on Sunday, which lasted until Wednesday. On Friday, I finally figured why my BS was lower after eating the salad than before lunch… For the first time, I ate 4 slices of wholemeal bread, not just one, and was at a satisfying 112 two hours later (which didn’t prevent me from hitting 66 on the way home, first time I measured myself while on public transportation).

On Tuesday, I went for lunch with a friend and had a huge portion of cannelloni with a heap of greens and a little bread. This was the proof that three months after my diagnosis, I am living a spectacular honeymoon period: I forgot to take my Metformin after lunch (only remembered later in the afternoon) and when I measured two hours later, I was still only at 150! I’ll check with my doctor if I can drop the Metformin and just use the pen at night…

On Wednesday, my BioBox arrived - 5 kilos of fresh organic fruit and veg. The fruit lasted only until Friday, so next week I shall have 5 kg just fruit… The peppers, tomatoes and zucchini I put in the oven after accidentially drowning the tray in olive oil (yes, one thing I need to learn to use is spoons for measuring!). Tasted great but definitely too oily. All that fat made for 80 the next morning (usually I am below 70), though, which makes me think - more fat with everything! Especially since my doctor says my cholesterol is way too low.

Thursday night, I ate a big potato (gotta try everything once…) with this wonderful German cottage cheese called “Quark” and herbs and garlic, and it got me to no more than 137! Honeymoon, please stay with me…

As for exercise, I walked to work twice (an hour each), once under the pouring rain, but apart from a certain sense of pride for having done it, I don’t feel that it’s doing any good to my body. Then again, I don’t know what would feel good, I don’t really feel my body most of the time, so will have to repeat the exercise and see if I get the message eventually. Also started two Yoga classes, one is very nice, the other is a little more awkward… will keep you posted on progress there.