What is for dinner tonight?

Good morning diabetics.
What’s for dinner tonight? My vegetable delivery did not have kale or sweet potatoes available this week. Is kale a spring time vegetable in SoCal? No dill cucumber salad yesterday because the dill should flaver the cucumbers for at least 4 hours and I did not schedule enough time before dinner for that. Tonight dinner is lentil, mushroom, wild rice soup with vermouth recipe again. I also plan on the making the dill cucumber recipe for real today. Is it worth purchasing vermouth to make a soup? Vermouth is not a usual ingredient. I have never purchased vermoouth thus far. Last time I tried to making this recipe, I did not add the correct amount of water and tried replacing the vermouth with some red wine that has been changing to vinegar since it had been open too long. This recipe turned out to be more of a mushroom, wild rice, lentil side dish. More water could have been added, but it was fine as a side dish. I am an addict of the Cadry’s Kitchen blog and have been trying to make everything on it and along with other recpes for food items I have been craving. It would be nice not to crave sweets, but homemade sweets often have less sugar. You can use whole wheat pastry flour instead of white flour and ground flax seeds instead of cholestoral filled eggs in many baked items.