Cooling insulin

I have a case that I purchased on line, its a case from Medicool and it keeps my insulin cool when I travel. It kept it cool when I recently traveled to Germany.

I use the Frio cases– I love them!! I travel a lot and use them often. I have been using the same case for almost 4 years!! Definitely worth the investment!

I tried one of those and it only kept the insulin at the outside or room temperature, it was 90 degrees in Germany when I was there, that was just to hot for a Frio.

Well, I’m glad that you found a product that worked for you. Do you use insulin pens, injections or pump?

I have used the Frio in Nicaragua in the summer (it was VERY hot) and I had no problems. You need to be sure to soak it long enough. I like that it is compact and reusable.

Also, I have read that insulin does not need to be as cold as it is in the fridge. It should be stored below room temperature, but definitely should not freeze!!