Frio or other options for keeping insulin cool

I have been using Frio cooling pouches since 2012 but honestly I feel like they have not been performing like they used to. I traveled one year to Corsica in July and the Frio performed beautifully in blistering heat. However, I am not pleased with them any more. In particular, I simply find that the wallets are not keeping my insulin cool; I have actually inserted a small thermometer and found a reading of 78 degrees after about 6 hours of travel. I travel overseas often and need something more reliable. I do replace them about every other year and yes, I do not stuff them in an enclosed bag or over inflate them. Does anybody have similar experiences or tips for improving the Frio or have other suggestions? I read the old posts on this site from years ago but I would like to hear recent commentary. I would prefer solutions that don’t take up a lot of space or require electricity. Thanks!

final option,

Thank you for these suggestions, I was hoping to hear about people’s experiences with different methods of cooling and traveling with insulin. Have you used any of the products you recommended?


I do not. But I have used this recently and I liked it, however, one has to freeze it every day.