Cops are not Invincible!


I used to think I was until I was diagnosed with diabetes in Mar. 2007. Now What??!!


Well, diabetes isn’t a death sentence either! I would be far more scared to be a cop myself.

Diabetes (IMHO) has a lot of elements you can control. You can’t always predict what your blood sugar will do, but if you start counting how many carbohydrates are in your meals, and testing 2 hrs after, you can figure out what foods raise your blood sugar more, and then either avoid them or eat a smaller portion of them. It’s work at the beginning, of course, but it does turn into a routine.

And of course, remember you’re not alone and there are plenty of people going through the same thing that are willing to offer aid and support.


Now you need to get all the information and education about diabetes that you can get, you need to develop a solid network of medical professionals (family doctor, endocrinologist, cardiologist, eye-doctor) and… realize none of us are invincible (not even before we were diabetics) but, like Laura very well said, we are not alone in this and diabetes is no longer a death sentence.

There’s a world of challenges ahead but also a world of opportunities!

Welcome, man! Welcome…


I thank you both for your responses and your concerns. The thing with me has alway been that I’ve hated to not be in control of what’s going on with me. I am not a control freak by a long shot. But when there is a problem with me and I can’t solve it, I tend to become frustrated. With the advice from this site and my team of Docs, I hope to get this thing beat. But please alllow me to vent until that’s done.

Thanks again


hey eric, i kind of agree with what you say. except that i am a borderline control freak and get frustrated when i can’t solve things. i’m quite new to this too, but yeah i know i’ll beat this. so will you (: cheers!


Hi Eric: I was diagnosed with Type 2 in 5/06. I was in shock, and then depressed. After I started losing weight did I sense that I was controlling my diabetes. Feel free to vent.