Corn in between my toe

Should I go to the doctor to pop it???

Hi Ken, Did you actually mean a corn or a blister? My husband has a corn on the bottom of his foot and one in between his fourth toe and the next one. I have him soak his feet and when it is softer I remove some of the corn. But thern he gets a blister on his other foot too… I clean that one an put a dry dressing of gauze on the blister until it has gone down. We keep both of these kinds very clean and dry. I hope this helps.

Does your hubby have diabetes??? I think it’s a blister. I popped it and put a bandage on it. I put a new dressing every morning and after work. I just don’t want it to get infected. Heard too many amputee stories.

Hi Ken,
No, my husband is not a diabetic. He is very healthy in every way except for his feet. He has terrible bunions and hammer toes. He had surgery for this once and will not have it done again. They put steel plates and screws in his feet by his big toes and pins in his two toes on each side. After the pins came out of his toes on each side, two of the toes curled right up again. He really doesn’t have much of any arthritis to speak of and blood work always comes out good. We don’t have any idea why his feet are such a problem. He has never had any trouble with his shoes. And his x-rays all look good. But I will say he has shrunk almost 4 inches in the past 8 to 10 years. I keep telling him I will massage his feet and trim his nails for him, but he always refuses. He really dislikes having people touch his feet.
I sure hope you don’t have any ongoing problems with your feet. Keep a good eye on them.