What A Week!

It is hard to believe it is only Thursday! It feels like 2 weeks should have gone by instead of just 4 days. Monday I returned to the foot doctor and he once again put shots in my heels and taped my feet up. But, he also cut both sides of my big toes to remove ingrown toe nails and make it so they wouldn’t in grow anymore. I was concerned about it because I realized I could no longer cut them out myself and risk the possibility of infection, not with type 1 Diabetes. So i have been trying to work without being able to wear my shoes. lol! i have to wear my slippers. I am at work all day in my slippers, thankfully most of the time I am here by myself so no one sees, but I have to be open just in case, that is my job to have the museum open so people can come see what we have here for local history. I am the Town Historian and the Museum Currator. Mostly it is a fancy name without much money. lol! I am very anxious for the toes to heal up. It is supposed to rain here today so I will definately be dodging mud puddles, slippers won’t hold up for that!
I thought the most funny thing he could tell me was to “soak” my toes every night, BUT don’t get the tape wet for 3 days…ha! right like that is going to work. When I asked how to do that he looked at me and realized what he said and told me to do the best I could. Hopefully it won’t take to long to heal. Take care everyone and have a great weekend!

I had that toe surgery about 20 years ago, and I’m so glad I did - no more ingrown toenails! I remember having to put something in the soaking water - vinaiger?
do you have heel spurs? had that too! one day I just woke up and they were gone.

Hi Marie B
No no heel spurs, he checked for that. Inflammed platar tendons, both feet. I can’t take oral anti-inflammatories so he has to put it in a shot into my heels, which still spikes me bs very high for about two days. This last time it went as high as 440 I had to add about 15 units of my short acting to bring it down, then it levels off but I usually get hit with at least one real low after ward, about 15 hours later, I have no idea why, but I have been screwy since I was dx. Half the time my bs will drop when I take a nap and they keep telling me it shouldn’t. lol!

I hate the roller coaster excursion! and I really hate it when they tell you “it shouldn’t” - well IT did!

Oh I know, you tell them how high it took you and they look at you like you are kidding them, then tell you there is nothing else they can do for you so they have to do the shots. I HATE the shots, they really hurt! It isn’t like i haven’t had enough of needles in the last 7 months. I try to tell him I see them everyday 4 x’s a day! I really don’t want to see anymore of them.

Cortisone shots in the feet hurt REALLY BAD! I had to have them for plantar fascitis inflammation. They really burn, and it lasts a few minutes. I have a high tolerance for pain but that was not fun!

I know I have had alot of them for the same thing. and I hate the numb feet that lasts for hours afterwards.