Corn on the Cob

One ear of the corn is listed as having 30 carbs. If I dose for this amount, as part of a dinner, my blood sugar is 40 within an hour of eating. I don’t have this problem when dosing for other carbs. Thanks.

Different carbs affect the body differently. Maybe you can talk to your doctor about adjusting your dose when eating corn. Not all carbs are the same.

I can think of a couple of possibilities:

  1. The 30 g is for a large ear and you’re eating a small ear.

  2. For some reason, you don’t digest corn very well so you don’t go up as much as other people.

That has got to be one heck of an ear of corn as a very large 8-9 inch ear of corn only gets to 25 grams of carb. A normal medium ear in the 6 3/4 to 7 1/2 inches clocks in at about 22 grams. Sounds to me like your listing may be overstating carb count for an ear of corn.

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It can depend when you take your insulin for it. It’s possible the carbs are hitting after the insulin is working. Also if you are putting a lot of butter on it, that delays carb absorption.

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Chronometer, an online nutritional program, lists 22g for a large ear and 10g for a very small ear.

Raw corn on the cob is about 8% net carbs per the Calorie King website. That comes out to around 15-20 for a medium ear. That works well for me.


Most people do not completely chew corn from a cob. Many of the kernels do not get digested as many people have seen for themselves. The carb content for whole grain rice is also lower than for white rice. Anytime digestion is reduced the carbs pass through you. If you took that same corn and creamed it in a blender you would likely get the correct carb boost to your glucose level

Let your experience guide you and lower your bolus amount. If you’re following a 1:15 ratio of insulin to carbs and you’re giving 2 units for the 30 grams of carbs you’ve calculated your ear of corn is, then reduce it by 50% to 1 unit and see if that helps. Have extra carbs around if you find you’re still dropping.

I love corn on the cob but it doesn’t love me. How I wish I needed to take less insulin to enjoy it rather than more, but I have the totally opposite problem you have!

@Marie20 I think you’re right there too, with the addition of butter, which would/should/could slow the absorption down.

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I eat a medium corn on the cob every few weeks. After a few adjustment I now bolus for 20 carbs.

Thanks, Don.

Thanks. Wish “they” could just provide accurate information in the first place.


Well, I will certainly never dose for 30 again! The low blood sugar headache was still with me the next day.

That sounds much more accurate.

Thank you.

insulin:carb ratios, as well as carb counts, are a starting point for dosages, not a be all and end all. In the end, if your results say either the carb count is off and/or you need something different, adjust your dose!

Amen to that! Have not found another as far off the mark as corn, however. Not remotely in the ballpark.

Agree with others. Suggest Cronometer app…its pretty good for carb dosing. I usually dose 15 gems for medium ear.

Eat protein first. Varied carbs may be slower or faster into blood sugar, and have varied amount fiber. The profile of entire meal matters. I am type 2, but I do try to count carbs prior to most meals, as my normal is only 2 to 3 carbs per meal. If I see I plan to overeat carbs sometimes, I have to take additional insulin , or other blood sugar medication.