Coronavirus Personal Experience

Wonderful information @John58 Thanks! I passed it on.

EDIT: She said to say Thank You for the information, she was happy to get it!


Yet being key word. Believe me we’re on a trajectory to catch up. Look at Yakima county…

Also just beginning to unravel another case of what appears to be widespread nursing home outbreak in Benton county… which hasn’t hit the records yet

That is why I said yet Sam. I am definitely worried.

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My brother sent this to me, I though it’s just another stupid video. But I found that it is well worth watching.

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@dannonebr Very interesting read, Thank you! But I have a feeling not completely accurate. Maybe they have learned more since he made it or???

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Regarding the choir…the practice was on March 10, before any of the prohibitions of groups meeting, social distancing, etc had started in any parts of WA. Also, Skagit County had not had any reports of cases yet on March 10. The public health officials were still playing whack a mole as new cases popped up during that week. While this is indeed tragic and I have much sympathy for them, the media is spinning this unfairly on them as if it was somehow the choir director’s fault.

I didn’t print it to accuse them, I printed it because the doctor in the video posted before talked about how you get it almost always by touching someone/something and then touching your face. The Washington article says they all made sure not to touch each other or things, they even brought their own music sheets and that it pretty much showed it was transported probably by air.

But honestly it wasn’t that far away from a breakout area with “70 employees” possibly having symptoms, numerous nursing home patients being sick and dying and 100 plus cases in Washington, almost all in that same area. So to me it wasn’t a smartest decision just like getting on cruise ships in February.

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Wearing masks


Where in Washington? If he his in the Seattle area, he might be able to get a tested through the UW.

The website will let you do a virtual visit, and, if the doctor thinks, the symptoms warrant testing they will set you up with their drive by testing location at UW Northwest Hospital.

There are some other locations of drive-thru testing too but the information about them is less accessible.

On one hand I sort of get the doctor’s comment. You want to try and avoid going in because if you DON’T have it, you greatly increase your risk of getting it by going in. However, other medical things that can come up didn’t just disappear with the virus so it seems foolish to not give some better direction.

Do your friend’s husband have a cardiologist? (I’m assuming the first doctor was the PCP). If it were me, I would try contacting the cardiologist’s office. Tell them what is going on and that his heart rate is high. Have her tell them that they are concerned about possible COVID and, if it isn’t that, concerned about what else it could be. I would tell them that you contacted the primary care doctor but their only advice was that the hospital was overburdened already so don’t take him in. Since whatever is the issue is affecting his heart rate, you (your friend) thought to get feedback from them regarding what to do. (Depending on the doctor and the office, they might get some help that way).

@MooBm She has been in communication with his doctor and someone wonderfully posted the testing sites. He started to get better and 2 days later a fever again. He fits a lot of the symptoms. But right now he has no cough and has never had trouble breathing so fingers crossed. The doctor didn’t want him there unless absolutely necessary because if he didn’t have covid, he could catch it.

She’s been a clinical teaching nurse, so I’m sure the belief would be she could take pretty good care of him and know when it’s serious enough to take him in.

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That is a helpful background to have :slight_smile:

I didn’t realized until after I posted my comment that the thing I was reading was posted six days ago.

Hope he gets better soon!!

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@MOOBM Thanks!

I made a bunch of masks (good thing I saved all those leftover scraps from my sewing projects). I plan on giving them away (to family, friends, and medical, if necessary). Korea dealt with MERS and SARS. Everyone in Korea wears a mask. No one in China can go out without a mask in the lockdown areas. Is is perfect? No, but it can help. Save the commercial masks for medical people, please!