Being sick is certainly disconcerting

Last Friday night I started getting a sore throat. By Sunday I had a full blown cold. I get one about once a year. The last two nights my head and teeth have hurt too much to sleep and last night I was coughing. Yesterday I felt pretty good.

Now I am coughing, my head hurts, I have the sniffles and I have a slight temperature.
I am not too worried, but am wondering if I have the Coronavirus. I don’t think I do because I have been quite isolated, except for my husband, for more than two weeks. I took some walks but not around anybody.

My husband had a form of this, but not as bad, last week. I assume he picked up cold germs somewhere. I suppose he could have had a light case of the Coronavirus. So far my breathing is fine. I hope my temperature doesn’t rise. It is unusual for me to have a temperature.

I am confused about what I can take for head pain. I am not supposed to take ibuprofen because of heart stents, although I did for 10 yrs. and even if Tylenol wasn’t discouraged, it doesn’t work for me. Any other suggestions?

A mild fever should be allowed to run it’s course.

I would like to take something for the headache pain.

I don’t know which one is OK with the current medical issues going on.

Coughing and fever are symptoms of COVID. I suggest you call your doctor for advice.


I agree with @MM1. Call your doctor. I’ll be thinking about you. Good luck!

Here’s one resource to consider.

John Campbell just released this video today. It examines the role of fever as part of the immune response.


Why risk it? If you can get a test…

Either way, you’ll worry, but at least with one option you’ll know, and the other you risk harming yourself and your partner. If you call your doctor, and if you get a test, you can get relief.

However, the most common symptoms of coronavirus seem to be:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

And, a small percentage of people with coronavirus, which experts are dubbing the distant cousin of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus, have reported sore throat, runny nose, vomiting or diarrhea.

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Do we know she can get a test in her area? I didn’t re-read the whole thread to see that.

I think I used the word “if” a few times. Besides, she won’t find out until she calls. Anyway, I think she is in the San Francisco area, and they will have tests, although possibly limited.

testing is in Palo Alto, IIRC. that is on the peninsula of the Bay Area. it requires a doctor’s referral, however.

I am on the Oregon Coast in a tiny beach town. We own a house here. I doubt that there is anywhere to get tested. I will call if my temperature goes up.

Since I caught this from my husband, I don’t think am exposing him to anything. No vomiting or diarrhea thank goodness.

My breathing is fine.

My temp is 99.1. I heard yesterday that for seniors you shouldn’t even call about testing until your breathing gets labored, and temperature is at least 99.7.


I hope you feel better soon, Marilyn. I hate being sick, as does everyone. It’s just so yucky to have flu-symptoms or even a cold.

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Thanks everybody. Can you guys really call your doctors and speak to them these days?

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Apologies, vague memory of you mentioning walking on the beach…

no. Just the MA’s or the PA’s. Our endo and her PA alternate appointments with us. We see one or the other every 90 days, as required for pumping, by Medicare.

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No, but I can get a question posed to them through other office staff. Most doctors have some kind of coverage for emergencies, often 24/7.

For non-urgent question I use MyChart to send a message and expect an answer within a few days. I would classify your need as urgent.


I use portals to communicate with my doctors offices. That works great as they are very responsive to messages on their respective portals. Stanford and Sutter or the two I use most.

Most of my doctors have options to choose when calling, one of them is speak to nurse, and usually get one in person, or sometimes leave message for callback. The nurse usually takes call, gets details, then checks with dr and calls back.

I can also use MyChart to message, but when more urgent I use phone call.

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I have MyChart for my care at NYU Langone. I’m guessing you aren’t in Manhattan - that should be a question but - so wondering what hospital system you are with, and whether it is the same system sold to different hospitals or simply a common name for such systems. A snapshot of mine is below.

Anyway, hope for the best and lets us know it all works out.