Cost of changing from Medtronic to Tandem

Hi! I am going to be on Medicare next May when I turn 65. I currently have a Medtronic 530 G and a Dexcom G6 that I will start when my last sensor is used. I want to go to a Tandem X2 pump, but have heard that Medicare only allows a new pump every 4 years? Is that so ? My 4 year warranty will expire on the Medtronic pump in July of 19. Does anyone know how this is handled? Would I be better off upgrading to the 670 and paying the $3,200 to upgrade or should I put that money towards a Tandem pump that will work with my Dexcom G6? Also do you know if there are any incentives available with Tandem for people who want to switch?

I believe it is 5 years not 4

But that may only be if they paid for the last one - since you will be new to medicare

I don’t know -

I am 99.99 percent sure of the 5 years

I have been on Medicare for a long time and I would like to switch to Tandem from my G723 but I have to wait for the warranty to run out on the G723. My doctor confirmed this today so I will have to wait until 2/2010. Will follow to see if Tandem has any type of help. If you do not know Medicare will pay for your insulin If you are on a pump.