Tandem Switch Program

I received an email today about the Tandem Switch program. I am using a medtronic 630 that won’t expire until February 2021. It will cost $1300 for the upgrade. My cgm doesn’t go through my pump because I am using dexcom sensor. How many pumpers have taken advantage of this?

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Just got the same message (Canada)

*Hello, *
We are thrilled to announced we are launching a Pump Switch Program for all current pumpers who have at least 6 months of warranty remaining on their current pump. Please find attached details on the Tandem Pump Switch Program, which will cost $1,399. Kindly review the terms and conditions before moving forward.
The next steps are as follows:
1. Complete a Patient Information Form (PIF) and the Pump Access Program Agreement (both forms are attached) and return to Customer Care via email to BenefitsCanada@TandemDiabetes.com or fax them to 1-833-509-3599
2. Obtain a warranty confirmation letter from your existing pump company (see emails below to request your warranty letter) and provide it to Tandem via email or fax (same as above)

1. Please confirm a training date with your Diabetes Educator and advise once scheduled. If your clinic does not do training, please let us know and we will arrange with a community trainer.
2. Payment of $1,399 to be processed prior to pump shipment.

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I am really excited about this pump. Do you know when the update for the basaliq will come to Canada. My hope is that I can get it sooner with the switch program rather than going through the ADP.

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I don’t know the answer, but Tandem offered similar program last year, and cost was $999.
Interesting to see new offer, with higher cost.

If I had more warranty time on current pump, I would consider it.

I am going to run this by my husband and see what he thinks. He is my main support as I am not working but it might be worth it if I can get the iq technology sooner than a year and a half from now.

I agree that better control sooner is a smart choice as long as it’s affordable for you.

The cost is the only fallback. My husband helps me alot with getting me the best technology that is available to me. On Valentine’s day in 2017 he bought me a dexcom cgm. He worries about me while he is at work but know he feels safer knowing I have a watchdog.


The USA version of the program is actually still open. It has been extended a few times.
USA. $999
Read all the fine details.
Offer most current extension runs through December 31, 2019.

The offer is in Canada. The tslim/basal iq isn’t available in Canada yet. I am not due for a new pump until February 2021. If the update comes before then I can take advantage of it. If I can gain better control sooner I think it would be beneficial.

I’ve been keeping in touch with Tandem Canada about the t:slim X2 and associated software.

This was received May 3rd:

I wanted to clarify regarding Basal-IQ and Control-IQ. Currently Tandem Canada has launched with the Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump. We have submitted to Health Canada for Basal-IQ software and waiting for approval.
Control-IQ will not be available in Canada yet as you saw we are still waiting for the results of the clinical trials.
That being said, the t:slim X2 will have to ability to upgrade to Control-IQ once available.

All software updates must be submitted to Health Canada for approval. As Tandem is approved as an insulin pump vendor in Canada, typically the software update approvals are quicker (versus when Tandem first submitted to Health Canada, we were doing a dual approval application as a vendor as well as a product).

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I read the finer print on the Tandem website(Canada). At the end of pump warranty period you have to return the pump and can purchase one less $1399 paid for the upgrade. I wonder if when I am eligible the adp will pay for my pump. (February 2021)

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Have you heard if the Alberta pump program is close to approving the t-slim?

I asked monthly @JuliaS8

Last week’s reply was “Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we have not received an update from the Alberta pump program. I will keep you posted as soon as we do!” (received May 3rd/2019)

In January they said “We did reach out to the Alberta Pump Program to see if they could provide us with a timeline for approval however they said they can only confirm they received the Tandem application and are reviewing for approval. Fingers crossed we receive it very soon.”

I hope the program gets approval soon for the t-slim. I have an appointment in 2 weeks to begin the process of accessing the program. I have been trialing the omnipod for the past 2+ months and really enjoying it, however it would be nice to have all options there.

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Well I told my husband about the switch program and he agrees that if I can get it before the update before the basal iq update comes out I will be ahead of the game. We just got or income tax refund and most of it that we get back is due to my disability tax credit. I am positive I will love this pump. Even my doctor says that I need the self regulating pump. I do all the work with my basals. It’s difficult to do basal tests when you always have insulin on board. My diabetes can be very brittle sometimes.

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Are you already using the Dexcom and if so which one?

I am using dexcom g5.

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I have read about some people having high bloodsugars after switching to tandem’s pump. If the settings are correct I wouldn’t think it’s the pump itself. Do my settings need changing after starting on a tandem pump? I know the cartridge is different but would that make a difference? I might need to talk with my diabetes educator.

I wouldn’t stress over that.
Realistically people will always complain about anything.

When we switched from the Animas Ping to the Tandem X2 we started with the Ping settings (got to start with something) and then verified and changed everything (slowly) as appropriate.

That’s nice to know. So is the fill process really that difficult? I have watched videos on changing the slim’s cartridge and it didn’t look all that bad to me. I am basically waiting for the update so I won’t have to correct high or low blood sugars.

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