Could my father be type 2?

Hello Everyone,

My father was recently in the hospital for low sodium and anemia. He was treated successfully with hormones and radiation for prostate cancer two years ago. During this stay we tested his bg after a meal of about 80g of carbs. It was 151. Since then he is going lower carb but he has been too tired and dealing with everything else to test further. I wondering if he is pre type 2. He has had normal fasting bg, but he had a semi fasting of 106 the day he was admitted. We have found out now his anemia is most likely MDS(myeolodyplastic syndrome) so it was not what they thought in the hospital, during five days they never did a simple test to see what type of anemia he has and they mistakeningly said it was microcytic due to slow gi bleeding and gave him iron.

I would like him to do more testing but I don't want to stress him out with too much now as treating the anemia and low sodium is the most important thing currently. He fell and injured his head last May and they thought this could have triggered ADH(antidiuretic hormone) which lowered his sodium- as well as a diaretic bp med he was taking.

Do you think he is pre type 2? Two other tests we did showed bg at 120s pre and post meal for a low carb meal. I wonder if the anemia and everything else is playing a role here also or if he is pre D and that may be affecting the anemia and bp- his bp was very high while he was in the hospital- this may have been due to low sodium and retaining fluid.

Hi Super_sally,

We had discussed doing the a1c- due to everything else I guess he didn't discuss the diabetes aspect yet with his doc- I will mention this to him again and then the next time they draw blood hopefully, they will do one. He can't have a lot of blood draws at the moment due to the anemia as every little bit contributes to that. Thanks for reminding me about that, that would be the obvious test to do of course.

I have found out now that since he had a blood transfusion and he has anemia an alc is not likely to be accurate. So once he has seen an expert hematologist the D testing will have to go on hold I guess. He is doing a much lower carb diet so this should help a lot.