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Hello, my name is Elizabeth and am so glad I found this forum. I have been lurking for awhile trying to decide if I should join. I have not been diagnosed yet but have an appointment in mid April with an endo. I am 35 and slim with sudden onset of dry mouth,thirst and frequent urination. I went to my doctor and he ran a fasting blood glucose that came back at 169. I went in again and had another fasting and it was 124. The doctor also ran an A1c that came back ok. I was given a meter and was told to avoid refined sugar and check my blood sugars in the morning before any food and after eating and to log all of this to take with me to the endo appointment. I have been doing all of this and all of my morning numbers have been decent 116 was my highest.The problem is with my after meal readings. The highest was 239 about one hour after dinner and an hour after that was 211. I was kind of shocked about that. Last night I decided to check every 30 min after I finished my dinner so I could see if there was a pattern. This is how it went:1st 30 min BG 209, 2nd 30 min BG191,3rd 30 min BG148 and 30 min later 189. I have also cheked my urine for glucose and has come back normal except one time and it was 500+mg/dl. My doctor it not really sure what to make of it so that it why he has reffered me to an endo. You all seem to know a lot about diabetes so I want to know what your thoughts are about this. I do not know any family history because I am adopted. My doctor seems to think that it may be slowly failing and that is why I can still bring it down on my own. Do normal nondiabetic people have high after meal readings? Thank you!

Hey Elizabeth, Welcome to TU!

Frankly I cant believe your doctor let you out the door without any followup and treated you and got you to see an Endo immediately. You must be in alot of misery and very dehydrated.

What was your A1C the doctor ran? Your fastings indicate that you are well above normal and you are a diabetic.

I wont venture into what type of diabetic you are as you appear both insulin deficient and and insulin resistant however your profile (slim build) points to Type 1 or LADA. Whatever you do dont let this go and get your sugars under control. You are doing damage to your organs with these wild swings and you need treatment.

You will do fine, We are all here to help you through this. Let us know how it goes. Again Welcome to TU!

Welcome Elizabeth! Glad to see you here.

Normal Fasting Blood sugar is 83 mg/dl (4.6 mmol/L) or less. So your 169 and 124 is still high. May we know what is your A1C? Depending on what we eat the normal blood sugar after meals should be Under 120 mg/dl (6.6 mmol/L) one or two hours after a meal. Indicative that your 239 is indeed high. It is good that you will be seeing an endocronologist (the sooner the better) so he can perform more tests to confirm.
I do hope all will be well…but just in case when you need any support or info regarding diabetes…you are in the right place =)

If your blood sugars are high (which they are, given the readings you note) and your body type does not fit the “classic” risk factors for type 2 diabetes (not overweight or obese, not inactive, no type 2 diabetes in your family), ask the endo about LADA. Here’s a link to some discussions on this site about the type of blood work an endo can run to determine if you are type 2 or LADA (type 1 that is diagnosed in adulthood, may be slower onset than type 1 in kids or teens–you may make your own insulin for longer). Best wishes!

Welcome, Elizabeth!

Non-diabetics don’t have numbers like those after meals. Fasting should be under 100. Great that you’re testing this frequently. What’s your A1c? Some doctors see high A1c’s as acceptable when they shouldn’t.

When you see the endo, ask for a C-peptide test (measures how insulin you’re producing) & GAD antibody test (to learn if your pancreas is under attack), to get a proper diagnosis. Too often, doctors misdiagnose adults as Type 2s without running tests.

Not to scare you, but if you start feeling ill go to the ER. Symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) are exhaustion, lethargy, intense thirst, vomiting, constant urination. Of course, your BG will be quite high. Watch for changes in vision because that’s another sign of consistently high blood sugar.

Keep calling the endo’s office for a cancellation in case they can get you in sooner.

Until you see the endo, try to stick to protein & vegetables for meals to help keep your BG more stable. Check out for great info.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my questions! I am not sure what my a1c was, they just told me it was ok! I will call the endo and try to get on the cancellation list. I am grateful that I found this forum,everyone is so nice! I really appreciate all of your advice. Thanks again,Elizabeth