Could there be another explianation?

Okay, so here goes. It might be a long one, sorry.

I was a work today, so was running around a lot. (I work in a cinema). As some of you may know, I have been trying to control my sugars, and all week I have not gone higher than 15, and most of the time I have been low, especially at work. Now, anyway, before lunch I was around 6. I had only a sandwich, and gave myself the right amount of insulin for in. Then just after lunch I spiked at 29.9.

I have a theory. I left a half drunk can of diet coke on the side, and I am concerned that someone may have put normal coke in it. I cannot think of any other explaination. But I don’t want to go around accusing my collegues. Please note though, that I have recieved threats that some of them are planning to spit in my food, so they may have done. But could there be any other explainaton?

I can taste the difference between Diet Coke and regular Coke as soon as it hits my lips. If you’re still unsure and you have some drops of soda in that can, bring it home and test it with a urine strip. Any measurable amount of sugar will tell you if it’s been spiked.

Otherwise, you’ll just have to chalk this up as another unexplained diabetes mystery.

If you have co-workers that are trying to mess with you, you should talk to your boss. Unless it’s your boss that wants to spit in your food, in which case you should leave your job immediately.

It’s okay, it isn’t my boss. LOL. My managers have been amazingly supportive in helping me with the whole bullying thing.

Unfortunately I threw the can away.

I cannot tell the difference between coke and diet coke.

can you not feel the difference on your teeth?coke makes my teeth feel all stick. i also find that coke kinda tastes ‘dirty’ when I’m used to diet coke.

i’ve had this problem in bars ordering bourbon and diet cokes…used to get coke now n again from barstaff.

I have had a problem in purchasing soda at the theater. I have asked for a small diet soda and when you have small children with you it is impossible to watch every move a wait person makes. I always question them and make sure they know the importance of giving me a diet soda. But several times i have obviously been given a regular one when I start to feel bad later and come up with a high blood sugar. They only sell Pepsi here at the theaters (which I never drink) and I can’t tell the difference in any thing else. I will just have to not drink anything while at the movies. I guess that won’t be bad since I don’t eat anything there. for some reason I have not had that problem anywhere else. Maybe it is just in the hooking up of canisters for the fountains.

Stress could have spiked it, for me artificial sweeteners actually spike my sugar higher than regular sugar. Splenda is the only one I can handle. Or it is just a random diabetic issue we all have at times. Sometimes you can’t predict what is going to happen.

Stress has never made me peak like that. I was nearly off the scale. And I drink diet coke all the time, so I know that the sweeteners are okay.

This is following the same pattern I get when I get given a normal coke in a bar or something, like the other guys have said.

The more I think about it, the more I am considering that I need to keep everything away from my colleagues. What a sad world that we live in.

If you doubt you can stick a ketone stick in it or use a drop on your strip to check for sugar.

thanks. I didn’t realise we can use our sugar testers like that

Got no explanation for the spike, but as Dino says, if you work in a place where your co-workers want to sabotage your food — GET A DIFFERENT JOB!!

I love my job.

I am hoping this will pass, or at least that those ding the bullying will get caught and fired. Most of the people I work with are great and I want to go further in the company.

My nephew used to work at Subway and said the hoses got crossed all the time - usually due to carelessness or a prank. Years ago, when TesTape (urine sugar tape) was still used, it was recommended that people test the fountain drink just to be sure it was sugarfree.

I work in a cinema and we had a lad a couple of months ago who had decided he was going to swap the lines for fun. Fortunately I caught him and stopped him. I expressed why what he was doing was dangerous. He didn’t even realise that what he was doing was risking people’s lives.