Counting carbs and frustrated

Hi. I am a fairly new member and I lurk around more than I post. However, I am really frustrated. I was wondering if anyone had some information to share with me on counting carbs for sandwiches? Writing this, I’m thinking how stupid this sounds. I don’t seem to have a problem with any other type of food - just homemade sandwiches. I pull out all the nutritional information, add it up, put it into my pump and BAM. 2 hours later I’m testing at 230 or higher. I do put about a tsp of mayo and one slice of cheese in the sandwich that typically has store bought deli slices and 2 pieces of bread… and that’s it.
Any thoughts to this really silly question?

If you don’t already do it you should weigh out your food and calculate your carbs from that. Bolusing about 20-30 minutes before you eat should also help keeping the highs from exceeding 140mg/dL. It’ll take some practice, but you should be able to figure our the optimal settings by trial and error.

Are you getting carbs from the labels? Unfortunately baked goods only have to be accurate within a certain percentage.

You might convert the protein in the deli meat quicker than most foods. Take a look at MelissaBL’s graph that shows how protein and fat convert to glucose over time.

But, like John said, you could time your bolus 20 minutes before you eat carbs, and see if it makes a difference. Just test to be sure that won’t drop you too quickly!

thanks for the info guys. I really appreciate it!

In addition to weighing the food, you may want to get a nutritional scale as that will give you a good carb count. There are times that I have noticed the carb count on packages is not the same as on the nutritional scale. The amount of protein on the sandwich may have some effect as well. IT WILL GET EASIER

Thanks Patra for asking a very non silly question! I am confused on the carb counting…when I was diagnosed the exchange diet was used. I am still struggling with the whole carb thing…I hope to get with a CDE to help out with my confusion. I think you have gotten some great tips and will be trying them myself!

Do you always use the same type of bread? I was using the carb count from one brand and didn’t realize my husband had purchased a different brand–the carb difference surprised me–14 grams total for two slices–for me, that’s another 1.1 units of rapid-acting insulin needed to cover!

I am wondering the same thing as Kelly. Bread varies greatly between types, etc… Deli bread can be 30-40 crams per slice, while some others are 7-10 grams per slice. I use two different brands of wheat bread one is 17 grams/slice the other 14. It makes a big difference when I forget which is which. Also the meat may have sugar in it.

Hey Pat!
Diabetic for 20 years, injections. On pump for the past month and love it. Carb counting is a real chore for me. Go online to all fast food places you eat at, ie. Mc Donalds, Taco Bell, Mr. Donuts, Arby’s, etc. and download their nutritional charts to a folder. There are certain items I like to eat. In a short while you will remember the carbs and will help you to relate to other foods. My wife is a great help to me because she understands cooking. My understanding of cooking is opening a can of soup and read the label.
Hope this help.

Or better yet, go to Calorie King or some other listing that lists ingredients for real fresh foods and stay away from the fast food places because that stuff is really really awful for diabetics and other living things!

Seriously, though. I have found that some things seem to be more than the sum of their parts. For me, even if I bolus for the right amount of pasta or rice or sometimes even bread, I will still end up high. Probably the glycemic index, just to further complicate matters! Also, we are all different so the best way to know what works for you is to try and test, try and test.

Speaking of which I finally located the Dreamfield’s pasta and the Shiraki, and will let you know how I do when I try each one!

Hi Patra: I do count carbs, but I avoid some foods because they mess with my blood sugar in ways that aren’t predictable. Oddly enough, mayo is a problem food for me (makes my blood sugar go high), and so I just avoid it.

hmmm - the mayo… I wonder if the fat in the Mayo is the problem. I think I’ll do a test. Make the same sandwich with mustard and see what happens. I also need to find that bread that has 7 carbs per slice! grin

Just discovered Aunt Hattie’s Low Carb 100% whole grain bread. It has 5g Carb/slice. Just tried it today for lunch and it was very good. Found it at a Walmart Supercenter but any big grocery store that carries Aunt Hattie’s should have it. Aunt Hattie makes a killer cinnamon raisin bread which is absolutely not D friendly – 25+ carbs/slice. But boy is it good. Did I just admit that I had tried it? Oops!!!

For carb counting I have a scale, measuring cups, measuring spoons and CalorieKing book and CalorieKing website that I depend on. Still don’t always get it right but they sure help more times than not. I also keep a log of what I eat and the carb count. I also include the Carb bolus I took for that particular meal or snack (I list the amount for each item and the total) so that I can go back and make the necessary adjustments if I need to.

Not sure … what type of bread? I have found that whole wheat or whole grain bread gives me great control. White bread? Forget about it!!!

Are you accounting for the carbs in the condiments?

I wait about 15 minutes after taking my insulin before I start eating. For me, it makes a difference in how body reacts to the carb.

I use the Calorie King Nutrition and Exercise Manager software and web site. I am almost always near a computer (home, office, family, iPod) and I did not want to carry around my dog eared copy of the book.

I had a similar issue with my wife and the bread. We were using one brand for a while and she switched to another variety of the same brand. One was 18g per slice the other was 26g for TWO slices. I mistakenly took 4 units of Novolog to cover what I thought was a 36g sandwich and ended up with hypoglycemic event.

I now read each and every label.

For restaurants where I am having a sandwich and have to guess … I assume that its somewhere between 40 and 50 and keep some smarties in my pocket.

That is one thing I need to do better… taking the bolus 15-20 before I eat. That could MAYBE be the problem, but I suspect it’s the mayo or the deli meat. They must pack it in something I’m not accounting for. I tried the same sandwich with a grilled chicken breast and mustard (ew… I’m going to have to get some light or non-fat mayo) and I seemed to be fine. :slight_smile:
Oh, it’s multi-grain bread. 20 grams per slice. I’ve GOT to find that low carb bread…

I eat sandwich thins made by Arnold- wheat/2 pieces is 16 carbs. I also eat Joseph’s pitas made with flax, oat bran, whole wheat flour -they taste good and they are only 4 carbs. I tried eating white bread that says it low in carbs ( Scallia bread) and it always spikes my blood sugar. I ahve also been eating Fiber One english muffins which are about 17 carbs and they dont sem to spike my blood sugar.

Thanks for the product information! I’ll check these brands out. I can’t seem to find the low-carb bread in the grocery stores so I’ll look for the other stuff - Arnold’s and Joseph’s.