Counting our blessings

Today I completed my 100th day as a T1 diabetic!

In those 100 days, on many I felt quite good, and on many I counted my blessings.

Come join this discussion and celebrate with me!

What are some of your blessings?

Jan :slight_smile:

What a lovely post – and a lovely attitude. Therefore: one of my blessings is you!

Other blessings:

– A refrigerator packed with a 90-day supply of insulin (I am well aware that for many diabetics on this earth, my stash would be more precious than diamonds and rubies)

– A recent, perfect diabetic eye check-up (no the eyes aren’t perfect, but I digress…)

– A possible job offer (fingers and toes crossed as I wait for final confirmation)

– A warm, clean, soft, safe bed waiting to carry me off to dream land

Among other Blessings, I value my Good Friends, A Loving, Supportive Husband, our Kind and Independent Children and TuD. :slight_smile:

Beautiful replies!

I love having my folks nearby to help me through this period. I love working with the best endo on the planet. I love having forums like this to connect with others. I love the avatar that I found for this forum. And I love it that I finally disconnected myself from the Twilight craze!

Oh, and today, I love palindromic anniversaries! (It’s my 101st day.) lol

Jan :wink:

All that Jeanv & Terrie said along with my 2 daughter’s and my 3 g-children. (Type 1 here for almost 38 years)