Truly Blessed

My family’s life is in shambles right now, but I am still truly blessed.

Today I had my yearly eye appointment, and the MD was totally amazed as he stated once again no eye issues, great job kid (42 years of this), I just love him, he always makes me smile and laugh. He is constant chatter, but we get along great. He said slight cataracts, but nothing to even worry about. I said wow now I can stop sweating and he apologized that he made me sweat. :slight_smile:

Another amazing/ironic thing. My boss gave me this daily inspiring note pad for my desk, as she knows my life right now is a struggle, it is based on the book The Secret and for today Thursday, no kidding, it said something like this, don’t have it in front of me right now, and my memory sucks lately, but it said:

Trust your doctor and don’t dwell/fight your disease. You need to trust your MD and not to focus and fight with your disease but go with your doctor’s advice, how freaking ironic is that??

Happy for your great eye exam & that everything’s fine with your kidneys! Way to go, Karen!

Aawww, what a nice doctor & a nice boss, too.

Congrats! I am so very happy for you :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!!

Pupils still way dialated. :slight_smile:

Thanks Danny and the things that you remember!!!

You are the best!!!

I find myself applauded in various ways for my good eyes despite 53 years of diabetes. The first eye doctor I went to when we moved into this state looked at my retinas and called everybody in the office to look at them. He was hopping around and yeeling at them for a couple of minutes. Get a calmer version of that most every time.
At least I don’t have cataracts developing, since mine were both removed and lens implants put in their place in 1986. I had “diabetic daisy” cataracts before then, plus I inherited fairly fast growing normal cataracts from my Mom. Still working fine.

Congratulations on the great eye appointment!

Happy for you Karen. Indeed blessings comes in different packages. I do hope all will be well with your family soon.

Thanks for giving me a lift - I absolutely love to hear good news like yours. God bless you!