Courtesy of frederick banting


This is my submission to a local recycled art show. It’s called “Courtesy of Frederick Banting”, and everything except the paint, gold leafing, silver, and photo is recycled.

courtesy of frederick banting


Broken picture frame
Cardboard box
Insulin vials
Gold leafing
Hand formed fine silver

4 years, 4 vials.
From right to left:

Silver needlish spikes for what violation of the skin, veins, and body that diabetes brings. A wedding ring around the neck of the bottle for the tether we all wear to this illness.

Gold leafing in a dirty bottle for the way chronic illness can sometimes show us a beauty that other people won’t get to know.

A polaroid transfer of trees, a ribbon, and wood for everyday life.

A red thread for blood.

Thanks, Frederick Banting, for the last four years of my life.


I like it.